What does Good Party do?

Our democracy has been corrupted by a two-party system that serves moneyed interests. It leaves people apathetic, or having to choose between the lesser of two evils. Neither of which truly serve them. So, important issues continue to go unaddressed.

Whether you’re concerned about the climate, privacy, inequality, or our individual freedoms, all are hampered by the dark doom-loop of dysfunctional partisan politics.

It’s no wonder that a majority of eligible voters (over 130M Americans), including more than half of Millennials and Gen Z, say that neither Republicans, nor Democrats represent them.

Good Party is not a political party. We’re building tools to change the rules and disrupt the corrupt, creating a brighter future for all!

Our plan is to use the free, open-source tech we create as a lever that marshals the creative community and mobilizes digital natives – who will be the majority of voters by 2024 – to vote differently.

As they do, we’ll be building a viral, growing movement that gives truly independent, grassroots candidates from across the political spectrum a real chance of running and winning elections, for the first time in modern history!

How Crowd Voting Works:

We provide a platform for you to discover independent, grassroots candidates, and for those good candidates to run free campaigns. No more big-dollar donations are necessary.
You can make a difference in getting good candidates elected by simply clicking “endorse” and sharing with friends. We will never ask you for a donation. Just spread the word.
With your help, our free and open technology can create more choices and competition in U.S. elections so non-corrupt, indie candidates can run and win without relying on big donations.
Not a political party. We’re building free tools to change the rules, so good independent candidates can run and win! Join us!