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Top Issues

Affordable Healthcare
Healthcare should be one of our top priorities, especially for a nation where 36% of its population is obese. Diabetes alone will continue to bankrupt and already broken system. We need to take the necessary steps to shift from a for profit Disease Management system to a Medicare for All option.
Free Public Universities
I subscribe to the belief that if society demands a minimum education then society should provide that minimum education. As it stands, majority of employers require a Bachelors, therefore we need to make public universities free for its in state residents that have graduated from in state public schools.
Pro Choice
I'm an ardent supporter of a woman's right to choose. More importantly, you cannot stand for the constitution which provides inalienable rights while telling someone what right they can or cannot do with their own body and health.
Living Wages
I have experienced three different economic crisis that were beyond my control. It began with the Dot.com bubble in the lates 90s bursting, to the financial crisis in 2008 costing me the loss of my business and more than a million. FFWD to today and a global pandemic once again derailed everything I had been working for. All three of these instances, I readapted, learned a new skill and managed to work myself out of the miry pits. That said, each and everytime there were significant life changes that revolved around affordability. Now with kids in tow, even with new skills and a 20+ year work history, I no longer live paycheck to paycheck instead I live direct deposit to direct deposit. This is not progress, more importantly Florida has rapidly become one of the worst states in the nation for affordability. Meanwile, organizations are reaping record profits and CEOs are earning 1k times more than the average wage.
End Drug War
The war on drugs has been unequivocally the most costly and failed war in American history. It has been used as tool to incarcerate POC in masses decimating families, communities and causing exponentail consequences for our economy. What's more this war has been an epic failure, with cocaine use in the US surpassing the 80s and the infamous cocaine cowboy era. Moreover the Reefer Madness hysteria has been a farce promulgated by cold-war idealogues who consequently now are enjoying the benefits of CBD. Similarly, LSD has recently undergone clinital trials for varying efficacies regarding mental health, and has shown to be one of the most successful in treating addiction. Legalization is the only way forward, by legalizing we use the revenue to help fund a myriad of societal investments including eduction and infrastructure to name a few.
Unionize Everything
As an immigrant, I often find myself in complete disbelief with America's disdain for unions. Clearly the people who are against unions do not understand the what the framers had in mind when the wrote the constitution. We the people in order to form a more perfect union highlights the importance moreover integral power of a collective. Now, I am well aware that power corrupts, that said the power of a collective, lies in the collective. For example, a teacher in the family was raging against her union, saying they were useless and just collected fees. So I asked her a question, when was the last time you attened a union meeting. Her response was typical; I just pay the fees. My response, so its not the union that useless its you. As a developer, we uphold the mantra "garbage in, garbage out." You
Affordable Housing
Livin in Florida provides a birds-eye view of a system fraught with failures, including fraud and abuse. The real estate market, promulgated by computer software that inflates the real value of homes is nothing short of a ponzi scheme. This is why I created zeitfaqs.com. The goal of this project is to provide the true story behind a listing. If you follow me, you'll know I experienced moving into a home that was riddled with mold. The realtor is your typical South Florida shyster, who incessantly hides from process server, and games the system. This is afforded by everyone involved in the racket, attorneys, banks, and our judicial system. It is on us, to fix this broken system!
Shrink Military Budget
If we can spend 700+ billion on defense, then why can't we invest in education, infrastructure, health, affordable housing etc? More importantly, what exactly does this defense do, when majority of the soveriengn nations are our allies? I'm all for doing what it takes, but when you only invest in defense while neglecting the rest, well there is no greater indignation of society.
End Qualified Immunity
I believe we need citizen panels to curb the moral turpitude of POC at the hands of police brutality. What is more, when everyone says we should police the police, I not only agree, I believe we need to police attorneys, judges, realtors, doctors. Any self regulating body is an apetitie for destruction, as such whether its the PBA, the AMA, or ABA they all need policing from citizen panels.
Open Primaries
As an independent campaigning as one there is no greater disenfranchisement of a voting base the closed primaries. Fact remains, both parties have already made up their minds when it comes to their candidate of choice. This for me is a major reason why open primaries are a must. The status-quo has failed us, its time to end the duopoly and their dichotomus fallacy of the lesser of two evils.
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