Evan McMullin


Independent Candidate
for U.S. Senate (Utah)

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An Independent Voice for Utah

About the candidate

Evan McMullin is a proud Utahn, former undercover CIA officer and chief policy director in Congress, who ran for president in 2016 as an independent.

At an early age Evan McMullin learned values that he would carry with him throughout his adult life: hard work and to always honor family and country. The last few years have led Evan to believe America has reached a crossroads between chaotic decline and continued progress towards a more perfect union. Political extremes don’t represent the majority of Utahns, or Americans more broadly, yet they’ve polarized the nation and now prevent it from overcoming major challenges. From droughts to forest fires, water shortages, the rising cost of health care, and a never-ending pandemic, America requires leaders who unite instead of divide, finding solutions based on truth and common ground.

With an eye towards service, honor and civility, coupled with a deep love of country and conviction about what America must be, Evan McMullin is poised and ready to continue his service as Utah’s next United States Senator.

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