Jacob Luria


Libertarian Party Candidate
for Colorado House of Representatives

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"A Golden Choice, A Hopeful Future"

About the candidate

I am running as a Libertarian because based on my ideals I fit in this party the best. I am sick and tiered of the current two parties we have. I would wish nothing more than for the LP to replace the GOP to actually fight for liberty. The big difference is we would not work to keep other partied off of the ballot. We want to win on merit. I plan to run on issue this district and Colorado care about. Mainly tackling rising inflation but easing economic burdens on the state especially those at the lower end of the economic ladder. I will push for nuclear power in CO. I will fight against future lockdowns and for bodily autonomy. And the last major issue is education in Colorado. I will be working with our Governor candidate on a new education plan in the state.

Top Issues

Free Markets
America is experiencing the highest inflation in over a generation. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have any solutions to fix this. They only seem to blame each other. Although D.C is mainly responsible for inflation, there are steps we can take here in Colorado to ease our pain. In May, the CO legislature passed HB22-1055 (http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb22-1055) to grant a tax exemption for some essential healthcare products. I would extend this exemption to all healthcare and family planning products. I would reduce payroll taxes on businesses that are already struggling with rising product costs and job shortages. I support the current ballot measure to lower the income tax in Colorado, and if elected, I would work with our Governor to end it once and for all.
School Choice
Much like energy, Colorado needs an education revolution. Our current system is based on a model developed in Germany in 1871, around the time their country was founded. It’s time for something new. I would support measures that drive a boom in schooling in Colorado. We must remove government involvement from our schools. Often that money comes with too many stipulations. We must empower our parents and teachers to work together to educate our children. We should allow new forms of schooling and education to arise. With friendly competition we could produce the best educated students in the country, and we can maximize the earning potential of educators. We are a free people, and it’s time for the citizens to take control of our education.
New Nuclear
Colorado has had many firsts. It was the first state to give women the right to vote. Colorado established a parks system years before Teddy Roosevelt established the National Parks, and Colorado was the first to deal a major blow to the failed war on drugs by legalizing cannabis in 2012. We as Coloradans can once again be the first state in the nation to start an energy revolution by investing in nuclear energy. We can have reliable, affordable, and clean energy for all of Colorado, while providing new jobs in an industry that does not yet exist in Colorado. Traditional forms of energy are becoming more expensive both because of government regulation and instability in the world. Nuclear has been given a bad rap, but it is among the safest forms of energy production we know of and our future.
Stop Police Militerization
The focus or emphasis should be on crimes that harm others. Crimes for self-destructive actions should be decriminalized unless harm is being done to other citizens. In other words, laws for crimes without victims should be rescinded. With rising property and violent crimes in Colorado police need to focus on those. Citizens have every right to carry guns for their protection to practice their right to self-defense, especially if they feel the police are not able to protect them and their property.
No Mandates
I will stand against more lockdowns and for your medical autonomy. Over the past two years we have been fed a one-size-fits-all plan to deal with Covid. Instead of forcing policies on us that turned out to be wrong at almost every turn, the government should have empowered the people to use their best judgment and make their own decisions. I know that all jobs are essential when they are putting food on your table and a roof over you and your family’s heads. I will fight against any future lockdowns for any reasons. And I will fight to make sure Coloradans are not fired for making or not making medical decisions. These kind of protections need to be enshrined in the Colorado constitution.
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