Censorship and the Truth are not Compatible

About the candidate

The Democratic and Republican Parties are both under the control of the Military-Industrial-Prison-Media complex that President Eisenhower warned the public about when he left office. The values of the Green Party more closely match my own!

Top Issues

End Foreign Wars
The U.S continues to be the greatest purveyor of violence in the world as MLK said in the late 60's
Climate Emergency
The U.S. needs to lead the world in attacking the climate catastrophe with the same level of effort as was made during WWII
Public Campaign Financing
Until there is a level field in elections as to financing and public access, we will continue to have corporate monied sponsored candidates win most elections.
Living Wages
We need a guaranteed living income for all U.S. adults regardless of work status that includes those on SSI and Social Security. Tax the rich whatever it takes!
We need a Medicare for All similar but all the better than other industrialized nations. If government is the single payer of healthcare, it will be motivated to promote healthy people and environment.
Tax The Rich
It is insane to allow individuals to be so wealthy that they can control and compete with our government. Tax the billionaires and other super rich out of existence, income and wealth wise. Have no mercy!
End Drug War
Destroy the profit driven criminal drug empire by providing free drugs at community medical centers with offers to help end addiction! End drug use incarceration!
Affordable Housing
Housing should be a right. Providing decent housing to all makes for a better safer community and it is cost effective.
Amnesty Now
Policing the U.S.’s over 15 million undocumented is a waste of tax money. It also wastes FBI, community police and border control time and energy. We need a comprehensive immigration policy.
Forgive Student Loans
Forgive existing public student debt and negotiate for payment of private loan student debt. Establish program to help reimburse students for school loans already paid if they haven’t financially benefitted!
Prosecute Police Abuse
There is no excuse to train police to shoot to kill just because they believe they feel threaten. Just like anyone in society, if you kill someone you need to be independently investigated and tried the same as anyone else. There shouldn’t be any qualified immunity, in fact these highly trained individuals, trusted with lethal weapons should be held to a higher standard.
Expand Social Security
The minimum SSI and Social Security payments should be the minimum wage in each state. Time in the U.S. legally, should be only limiting factor. All income earned and unearned should be taxed. The age to get Social Security should be lowered to 50-55.
Universal Basic Income
A universal guaranteed livable income for all U.S. adults would create a more equitable society. It would help to eliminate poverty and a major impetus causing most crime. Tax the rich whatever it takes! Will need a 100% repairable, reusable, and recyclable society!
Fund Public Schools
Public schools should be fully funded through our income tax system rather than with separate school bonds and local taxes. The quality of education and teacher salary should be the same in poor communities as well as rich.
Small Businesses First
Eliminate unfunded bureaucratic legal paperwork on small businesses. Encourage public bank and credit union financing of small business. End tax breaks and subsidies to large corporations. Breakup monopolies! Monopolies enrich a few individuals at the expense of communities, workers and local small businesses.
Cap Credit Card Interest
Credit Card Interest rates are highway robbery, and they negatively affect the poor the most. Those who can’t make large payments so suffer years merely paying high interest. The interest rates should be fixed to the Fed’s prime rate at a much lower rate. Credit Unions and Community Banks provide reasonable financial service to most members of the community. They keep and invest the money in the local community.
Black Lives Matter
This movement has played an important role in the public acknowledging the long-term systematic racism in society against people of color. It has especially brought to attention police oppression and brutality inflicted on people of color and galvanized support for the families who have lost loved ones to unjust police violence. All-lives matter, but special consideration needs to be acknowledged for those communities that have suffered oppression and societal forms of racism.
Public Transit Everywhere
Free Public transportation should be a priority. Promote trains and its infrastructure as an extremely energy efficient transportation system of goods and products. Make high speed trains part of major infrastructure policy and public sponsored employment! Rapid transition from fossil fuel driven vehicles to hybrids and then to all electric. Make vehicles easy to repair, reuse or at least recycle.
Abolish Debt Ceiling
The debt ceiling is used as an excuse to limit needed social spending. The military budget needs to be sharply reduced. We spend more money on "Defense" than the next 10 nations combined. Foreign aid should only be for humanitarian and social needs. Domestic social spending and helping the poor actually increases the tax base as money exchanges hands more frequently!
Union Yes
Get rid of "Right to be Slave" laws. Promote right to form unions. Encourage a National Union of all workers regardless of corporate or industry status! Unions should have united and shut down the country when President Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers. This was the beginning of union membership decline! Allow workers first right to purchase companies being closed or moved along with public financing. Promote Cooperatives businesses!
Abolish Death Penalty
Allowing the state, the right to kill anyone is obscene. Too many innocents have been on death row! It's a long process that further damages the families of the victims & the incarcerated. It is an emotional, moral, and financial drain on society
Pro-choice (with limits)
The Democratic Party has failed us in not making the Supreme Court's excellent compromise Roe v. Wade decision into law. That should be a priority in the future. The "pro-life" movement keeps electing politicians who act as if the "Sanctity of Life Ends at Birth".
No Mandates
Massive censorship of even experts in the field of medicine, vaccines and mRNA technology! WHY? Imagine a Vaccine so safe that you have to be threatened to take it, for a disease so deadly that you have to be tested to know you have it. The U.S. has world’s Worse Covid Death Rate This fact alone should have stopped massive censorship and opened up discussion as to why this was happening! In past 72 years only 6 years had lower worldwide deathe rate than the covid years and barely. Where is the pandemic?
Universal Background Checks
We need universal background checking everywhere; stores, gun shows and individual sales. All guns should have ID numbers like cars. No Assault weapons except for legitimate gun collectors. Child Safety devices with guns. Parents responsible for minor's access. Need liability Insurance!
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