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Liberation Party Candidate
for Governor of Virginia
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June 15, 2021
Election Night
November 9, 2021
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🗳 146.1K
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790 endorsements so far.
At 1,000 endorsements, this campaign is more likely to get picked up by local media!

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Campaign Summary

Princess Blanding believes our two-party system is incapable of putting people over profit and politics. She is running for Governor just two-and-a-half years after her brother was murdered by Richmond Police while unarmed, undressed and experiencing a mental health crisis. As a single LGBTQIA+ mother, veteran educator and grassroots activist, Princess has fought to elevate the voices and concerns of every day, working-class Virginians. She understands the plight of marginalized communities and as Governor she will be a fearless advocate for prioritizing the needs of everyday people.

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Princess Blanding is a voice for the unheard

WDBJ 7 CBS reports on Princess Blanding's fight for equity for all Virginians. 

8 months ago
"We can no longer continue to beg our oppressors to be our saviors"

NBC 12 reporter Henry Graff reporting on Princess Blanding's campaign for governor. 

9 months ago
Mass Mobilization Tour

Princess Blanding begins a 21-day voter mobilization tour across Virginia. 

9 months ago
"We are dealing with performative politics"

Princess Blanding explained to CBS 6 news anchor Bill Fitzgerald that her campaign is the best alternative to the status quo.

9 months ago
National Voter Registration Day

You can register to vote or check your status:

9 months ago
"I refuse to play by the rules of the duopoly"

Princess Blanding outlines the unethical tactics used by the political establishment in order to exclude her from the debate. 

9 months ago
First day of early voting

Go vote and help someone else vote! Voter registration status and voting locations can be found here:

10 months ago
Early voting begins on September 17, 2021

Check your voter registration status and find out where you can vote here:

10 months ago
Climate Justice Champion

People Power Virginia endorses Princess Blanding as the Climate Justice Champion for the Virginia Governor Election. 

10 months ago
"Our educational system needs to be as diverse as our student body"

Princess Blanding discussed the importance of helping students with disabilities.

11 months ago
Candidate Forum Tonight

Princess Blanding will participate in a statewide candidate forum. The forum is open to the public.

11 months ago
I kept saying, not knowing that I’d eventually run, it’s time for the rise of a strong independent party.

The Virginian-Pilot reported on Princess Blanding's powerful campaign for Virginia Governor. 

11 months ago
"We can no longer keep having legislators who are making decisions about the people, without the people"

Princess Blanding highlighted the disconnect between legislators and constituents.

12 months ago
Princess Blanding and the Fight for Liberation

PW Perspective  reported on Princess Blanding's historic run for Virginia Governor. 

12 months ago
"We do not take money from corporations"

The Blanding campaign is running a truly grassroots campaign for Virginia Governor.

12 months ago
Let Princess Debate!

Princess Blanding is being denied from debating other candidates in the race. Support the effort to get Princess on the debate stage!

1 year ago
Blanding campaign reaches signature requirement for ballot access

The Dogwood reported that Princess Blanding will be on the ballot in November for the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election.

1 year ago
"We will do everything in our power to ensure that all Virginians have healthcare insurance"

Princess Blanding supports healthcare for all Virginians in order to improve the health of all Virginians.

1 year ago
Blanding rejects fallacy about third party candidates

Princess Blanding correctly pointed out that her candidacy does not take votes from one party over another party. In a fact check report conducted by USA Today, USA Today found that third party candidates take votes away from both Democrats and Republicans. 

1 year ago
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