Meet the Candidate

Ryan Van Gundy

Libertarian Party Candidate
for CO State House District 29
Good Certified
May 6, 2022
Made it On the Ballot
April 4, 2022
Votes Needed
To Win
🗳 2.6K
Likely Voters
19.3K 🎉
needed to win
4 endorsements so far.
At 10 endorsements, this campaign is starting to pick up some steam!
Early Voting Begins
October 17, 2022
Election Night
November 8, 2022

Latest People Endorsing

Jennifer D.
endorsed 9 days ago
Michael N.
endorsed 11 days ago
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📣 "Smallest Amount of Government, for the Maximum Amount of Freedom" - MF

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Campaign Summary

The 2 party system has slowing been chipping away at our freedoms, and expanding the size of government exponentially since the 1860s and its time we put a stop to that. The only way a democracy can truly flourish is through more voices and more representation.
Top Issues

All though taxation is theft as it is now. There are things the government is required to provide for the citizens and the easiest way to pay for that is through a locked in flat tax.

We have universal Healthcare in the US already. What we need is affordable Healthcare. The best way to provide that is to get the Government out of the way role back burdensome regulations and allow the market (consumers/providers) to steer the cost.
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