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Amy Dragotta


Angier, NC

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"Driven by Faith and Integrity, fueled by community."


Invest in local public education

Public schools in Harnett County are severely underfunded. I’m interested in how our town can better support our local schools while our county hopefully finds ways to better support financially.

Invest in infrastructure, create jobs

Our town is playing catch up with the amount of population growth that we’ve had in the last few years. Supporting infrastructure projects is very important for us at this time.

Investing in park maintenance and improvement

Our parks and recreation program is wonderful for our community but they are busting at the seams. They are past due for an upgrade and a community center.

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Candidate info

About me

I am a Special Education Teacher and a passionate advocate for adventure and life's experiences. I bring a high level of enthusiasm to everything I do, whether it's singing karaoke or engaging in daring activities like cave diving and parasailing. My past experiences as a missionary and volunteer in various organizations have instilled in me a sense of compassion for all people and a desire to make a positive impact in the world. As a Special Ed teacher, I have honed valuable skills such as collaboration, patience, and effective communication, which I believe will transfer seamlessly to my role as Mayor. As a mother of three and a dedicated student, I understand the importance of investing in education and infrastructure to support our growing population. I am committed to improving our local schools, investing in infrastructure projects to promote job creation, and enhancing our parks and recreation facilities for our community. Together, we can build a brighter future for our town.
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Why I'm Running

I am running for office as a member of the Independent party because I believe that my experiences, skills, and passion for making a difference in the lives of others make me the ideal candidate. As a Special Education Teacher, I have learned the importance of collaboration, patience, listening, and thinking outside of the box, all of which are valuable assets for a Mayor. Additionally, my extensive volunteer work and missionary experiences have instilled in me a deep sense of compassion for all people, as well as the ability to connect with and communicate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, being a mother of three and obtaining my masters degree while maintaining a high GPA has exemplified my commitment to education and personal growth. I am dedicated to investing in local public education, improving infrastructure to create jobs, and maintaining and enhancing our parks and recreation program. Together, we can make our community thrive and provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy a high quality of life.
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Current Occupation

Special Education Teacher
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Past Experience

I have served as both a long term missionary as well as attended many short term trips in a variety of places both near and far. A few examples: framed houses with Habitat for Humanity both locally and in a warehouse in Pittsburgh, did house repair on short term trips in rural Kentucky and urban Birmingham, went to a remote village in Africa with a team of women to bring hope in the form of water by helping to dig a well for the village, and worked for Methodist Habitat doing hurricane relief in the Bahamas and building churches in rural Mexico. These experiences helped build an innate sense of compassion for all people despite our differences. I also gained a confidence in talking to people I didn’t know and in front of people about various topics. I also got to see the world and learn about other cultures, which has helped me shape my vision for life on a much bigger scale. I’ve also been a volunteer in local community organizations for many years including women’s prison ministry, food and clothing ministries, and served as a youth leader for many years. I’ve been a Special Ed teacher since 2008. This has taught me so many valuable skills that will transfer over to my job as Mayor including collaborating with many different types of people, patience for hard situations, extensive practice in listening and communicating, and the ability to think outside of the box. I’m also a mom to three kids, and finished my masters degree in Education with a 3.8 GPA!
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Fun Fact

I love to sing karaoke and I love adventure! I’ve been cave diving, parasailing, open water snorkeling, and so much more! Whether I’m on the stage singing my heart out or pumping adrenaline from a daring activity, I have a zeal for life and bring a high level of enthusiasm to everything I do.
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