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Amy Chai

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US House of Representatives


CT-3, CT



"Vote Amy Chai: Fighting for Real People, Real Solutions, Real Change!"


Free Speech

Ideas matter. Censoring "bad ideas" is very dangerous as it forces them underground. We have seen medical censorship in biomedical research that is creating false information to be accepted. Physicians are afraid to argue, even though arguing is the most robust way to get to the truth. Free speech in politics is even more important. We must not shut people down and we must not engage in "coerced speech." I would sponsor the Viewpoint Discrimination Act to add the word, "viewpoint" to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. My viewpoint is my identity.

Evidence based policy making

I am a pragmatist. I believe in evidence. Too much of our current policy is ideology baked with graft. This is how we fail to solve important issues like sustainability, homelessness, addiction, education, and even emotionally driven wedge issues (yep they can be solved if we can think them through rationally). I believe that the current system puts candidates in place to simply vote lock step with corporate sponsors and the RNC or DNC. When loyalty to the party is the main criterion for being put on a ballot, I think that is a huge problem. I would like to overhaul how policy is created. I would even like to see it crowdsourced with the smartest people logging in to contribute to the ideas. This would mean SINGLE ISSUE BILLS that are TRANSPARENTLY EVALUATED and actually solved instead of giving a billion dollars to someone's crony for something that fails. If a policy isn't working, stop the policy. I have carefully considered many issues.

Decentralized power

Too much power is in DC, not enough power is in the hands of the people. This is a complex issue and has many fixes needed to get it right. The global financial industry is causing a massive wealth gap that is wiping out the American middle class. Partly this is due to things like Citizens United, and partly it is due to the "winner take all" bloodbath that is two party politics. Election reforms, campaign finance reforms, transparency, and support for local businesses instead of advantaging the financial industry would be a good place to start. This would also help us to stop the aggression and spending on endless wars. It would also decrease the hyperpartisan rhetoric by creating more local solutions to local problems. This is a feature of my Green Future Initiative, which is a common sense and "ground up" sustainability plan that is not greenwashed money grabbing and does not hurt ordinary Americans. It advantages regional growth with sustainability zones and it is actually fun.

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Candidate info

About me

I am Amy Chai, a physician, CEO, author, and independent candidate for the US House of Representatives in CT-3. I have a diverse background, having once been homeless and a medical student living in a bathroom and anatomy lab changing room. This experience has given me a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those living in poverty. As an addiction medicine physician, I am dedicated to addressing the complex issues faced by my patients and advocating for comprehensive healthcare reform. I am also passionate about education and have been recognized for my success in homeschooling my child, receiving the "US Presidential Teacher Award." I am committed to improving public schools and breaking the cycle of poverty through my social entrepreneurship initiative, "Speak Life--New Haven." Additionally, I have written a book exposing the flaws of the two-party system and how it has limited democracy. I strive to bring hope and positive change to the communities in my district, and I am ready to dedicate my time and expertise to representing the people and their needs in the US House of Representatives.
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Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

I, Amy Chai, MD, MS, am running for office of US House of Representatives in CT-3 as a member of the Independent party. I have a diverse background as a physician, CEO, and author. A fun fact about me is that I used to be homeless, and during medical school, I slept in the anatomy lab bathroom for a time. I am thankful for the compassionate cleaning ladies who turned a blind eye to my situation.

As an addiction medicine physician with epidemiology training, I have witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by the complex patient population. I became deeply concerned about concentrated poverty and the school-to-prison pipeline in my nearest city, New Haven, CT. I also became increasingly concerned about free speech issues in academia, which prompted me to enter politics.

The divisive rhetoric from both major parties has taken a toll on my patients' mental health, to the extent that I have had to prescribe "stop watching the news" to prevent self-harm. As someone who does not conform to either party's ideologies, I believe it is time for a change. As the wife of an immigrant and a mother of interracial kids, I find that I connect easily with individuals from any culture or social background.

Furthermore, I have been highly involved in the education field, having successfully home-schooled my child who went on to become the top student in the state, earning me the prestigious "US Presidential Teacher Award". I have conducted original research on teaching and learning in the medical clinic setting. I expect excellence and I believe that American children can achieve.

I am currently the CEO of "Speak Life--New Haven", a new business aimed at bringing hope to communities plagued by generational poverty and addiction. My recently published book, "Bojack Ballot Box: How the two-party system stole Democracy", sheds light on the realities of running for office and the flaws within the system.

With my experience as the medical director of a methadone clinic, I possess a deep understanding of the issues at hand.

Solving complex problems using data and systems thinking is my day job. It is time to put a healer in the House.

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Current Occupation

physician and CEO and author
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Past Experience

I am an addiction medicine physician with care of the complex patient and epidemiology training. I became concerned about free speech issues in academia, and I became concerned about how massive investment in my nearest city (New Haven, CT) was not improving the concentrated poverty or the school-to-prison pipeline that generates tragedy that I treat on a daily basis. I saw huge problems with the way both parties were "not" addressing the real problems that real people face. I saw the divisive rhetoric from both parties literally causing my patients to become actively suicidal. I had to actually prescribe, "stop watching the news" to people. I have never been a member of either party because I have views across the spectrum and do not feel welcomed by parties that seem to require lock step agreement with the federally enforced platforms. I am also a mom, and a wife of an immigrant from Taiwan. I am very able to relate to people of any culture. I spent several years away from my profession to home school high school. This was so successful that I was awarded the "US Presidential Teacher Award" when my child was the top student in the state. I have kept up on the education literature, and I have done original research on teaching and learning in the post doctoral medical clinic setting. I know education well, and I know that our public schools are failing our most impoverished students. That is not okay. I am also CEO of my new business, which is called "Speak Life--New Haven" and am in process of getting investors and funding as a social entrepreneur to try to bring hope (yes, there is research on hope) back to communities beset by generational poverty and addiction. I just finished writing a book called, "Bojack Ballot Box: How the two-party system stole Democracy" and I hope it will earn some money for a campaign. I cannot compete with the ultra wealthy incumbent. This book was based on everything I learned while running for office. It is not pretty, and it will shock anyone who is not familiar with running for office or how the "system" works. I am currently medical director of a methadone clinic. And I have a cat. My children are now out of the nest, making me free to spend more time working.
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Fun Fact

I used to be homeless and in medical school I lived in a bathroom and anatomy lab changing room for a while. I hid in the women's restroom when the medical school closed, and I slept on the couch. In the morning, the cleaning ladies would come in very early and they pretended they didn't see me. Thank-you, cleaning ladies!
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