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Andre Sandford


District 18, Oakland/Alameda/Emeryville/Berkeley, CA

Running For

State House of Representatives



"Vote for Andre Sandford: Safety, Education, and a Strong Community"



I am pro gun and looking forward to ensure that qualified (after background checks and mental exam) are able to protect their families.

Education Funding

I plan to reduce class size down to 15 students per class. Our children deserve and teachers deserve it.

Housing Affordability

I plan to house all California citizens. Housing is not a privilege, but a right!

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Candidate info

Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

I, Andre Sandford, am running for the position of State House of Representatives in the 18th District as a member of the Independent party.

I have worked as a Housing and Homelessness Prevention Program Manager, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Additionally, I have 8+ years of experience as a compassionate Social Services Director, empowering clients, the community, and employees towards a better future.

When I am not working, I love playing basketball. Growing up, I spent countless hours playing with friends in the streets, and my passion for the game has persisted. I enjoy watching both NBA and college basketball during my free time.

I am determined to run for the State Assembly District 18 because my family, community, and city faced a traumatic incident. My wife, 1-year-old son, and I were robbed at gunpoint outside our apartment in downtown Oakland, CA. This experience has spurred me to take action in order to protect and improve the safety of my loved ones and everyone in the District.

My primary goal is to implement new policies for safety and education that will benefit the entire community. I firmly believe that every single person, regardless of their background or circumstances, should feel secure and have access to quality education.

I am driven by a deep care and concern for the welfare of all individuals, especially the unknown. It is my mission to make a positive impact and ensure that the voices of the people are heard.

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Current Occupation

Housing and Homelessness Prevention, Program Manager
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Past Experience

Dedicated, compassionate Social Services Director with 8+ years' experience making a difference for clients, the community, and employees through empowering and compassionate leadership. Demonstrates mission, purpose, values, and beliefs of social services initiatives throughout contact with internal and external stakeholders. I am running for State Assembly District 18 because I was robbed at gun point with my wife and 1 year old son outside my apartment downtown Oakland, Ca. I decided that I have to protect my family, community, city and District. By providing new policies for safe and education.
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Fun Fact

In my free time I love to play basketball. Growing up I use to love playing basketball outside with friends in the street. That love for basketball continue and any free time I have i am watching NBA or college basketball.
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