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Benjamin Weisner

Benjamin Weisner


District Ward 4, Auburn, ME

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City Council



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Why I'm Running for City Council in Ward 4

Candidate: Benjamin Weisner

Party Affiliation: Independent

Occupation: Unknown

Fun Fact: Unknown

Past Experience: Unknown

Core Value: Unknown

I, Benjamin Weisner, am presenting my candidacy for the role of City Council member in Ward 4. As a representative of the Independent party, I believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive community that addresses the needs and concerns of every individual.

While my occupation remains unknown, I forge forward with an unwavering commitment and dedication to the betterment of our ward. My past experience may be unfamiliar, but this campaign is founded on the promise to actively listen to your suggestions and work diligently towards accomplishing our shared goals.

Behind my candidacy lies a passion for empowering voices that may have been overlooked or marginalized in the past. I believe in creating opportunities for open dialogue and participation, resulting in a more equitable and prosperous community for all.

Vote for Benjamin Weisner, the candidate who is committed to fostering an inclusive and proactive community for all.

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