Carlos Barberena
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About the candidate

Career politician Marco Rubio caters to big money and partisan interests instead of his constituents. Unlike Rubio, Carlos Barberena sees the working class Floridians who are ignored by Washington's elite. He's a common man, with a common-sense approach and is ready to to speak truth to power. It's time to elect an independent thinker who puts people ahead of money and delivers solutions. 

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Issues I care about

Open Primaries
As an independent campaigning as one there is no greater disenfranchisement of a voting base the closed primaries. Fact remains, both parties have already made up their minds when it comes to their candidate of choice. This for me is a major reason why open primaries are a must. The status-quo has failed us, its time to end the duopoly and their dichotomus fallacy of the lesser of two evils.