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Craig McCracken

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US House of Representatives


41, CA



"Vote Craig McCracken: Believe in the power of laughter and change!"


Child Sex Trafficing

If this issue does not need attention in your eyes, I hope your children will never be stolen and used as sex cattle. All human trifficing is a massive blow to the life it is effecting. Ending this must be a priority for any nation that believes in the rule of law!

Corporate Welfare

Giving billions to industries that can't manage or sustain themsves is unconstitutional. We are stealing the sweat from our own brows and giving it to the people who ridicule us for being unsuccessful, lazy, or stupid. When these massive institutions have turned the whole of the United States into a miner town where we can't even afford to live in a healthy body. Let alone afford a home, or enjoy the freedom of being financially independent. Big Corp and the unethical use of capitol has led us to the brink of climate catastrophe, our food supply is geneticly modified and the soil is becoming less viable if your trying to grow natural foods. I will not assist one corporation until every American has access to a healthy body, mind, and is not pressured to be wage slaved to literal death.

Political Curruption

All large political parties have thier corporate overlords. I seek to unseat the established unethical practice of backroom dealings by creating a open public forum for each elected seat in government. All queries to each seat of government will be submitted to a digital city council, people from the whole country can read and discuss proposed bills and requests submitted by constituents and corps alike. All form of communication will be on public record if an elected official was in the room. Constituents deserve to know what thier representative is considering and if they don't trust you knowing what they are up to, well perhaps they don't deserve your trust or your vote.

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About me

I am Craig McCracken, an explorer of art, music, mind, mountain trails, love, and philosophy. I thrive on challenging my beliefs and reforming them in the face of new experiences and information. I admire people who express themselves and enjoy their own company. My mantra is to practice something I want to master, continually humbling myself to learn and grow. Balance is important to me, and I advocate for a healthy work, play, and life balance. My past experience in the print industry has taught me how to solve issues quickly and efficiently. I have successfully built and grown businesses, providing exceptional products and services to clients while maintaining strong relationships based on truth and honesty. I care about the unknown and will work tirelessly to find answers and solutions that satisfy the needs of the people I represent.
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Why I'm Running

I am running for the US House of Representatives because I believe in the power of exploration and expanding my understanding of different perspectives. As an explorer of art, music, mind, mountain trails, love, and philosophy, I thrive on having my beliefs challenged and reshaped in the face of new experiences and information. I admire individuals who express themselves and enjoy their own company, and I believe that practicing what we want to become masters at is key to personal and professional growth. With my occupation as a DSP Coordinator and past experience in the print industry, I have honed my problem-solving skills and efficiency. My ability to adapt and create new business models during the pandemic showcases my determination and dedication to finding solutions that benefit my community. Throughout my career, I have prioritized building relationships based on truth, honesty, and understanding, which has allowed me to help businesses thrive and individuals succeed. I am committed to laboring on behalf of my fellow taxpayers and finding innovative solutions to the problems we face. Together, we can explore the possibilities and act on the course that has the greatest chance of success.
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Current Occupation

DSP Coordinator
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Past Experience

My print industry experiance has honed my ability to solve issues with quickness and efficeny. When a client needs a 5,000 label project delivered in 3 hours from scratch, I would enact all elements of my structured system to deliver a outcome that would consistently raise the expectations of my client base. Verum LLC was thriving during the pandemic. At the start we were printing event banners and producing event t-shirts. After lockdown I designed a new business model in a week to modify existing equipment and fill a need my community lacked, rapid turn around of product labels and stickers for clients who needed updated labels fast! My business started in 2017 where my first month we billed a whopping ~$2500. At the end of my time at Verum LLC I had grown the monthly billing to 30k a month (last 3-4 months of operation.) I've worked with tiny single sticker project artists all the way up to providing printed assets to Hollywood, Pepsi Co. Napa Auto, ect. I gave each client time to share why they loved what they were doing so that thier passion could show in the project I was managing for them. Every person who entered my office was treated like a human being first. We shared our personal stories and through these connections and partnerships many local business were able to start because of my business model: Free world level graphics with purchase of printed materials. People who could not afford a 5k logo now got them. They were able to establish footholds in thier markets launching social media campains, getting vehicles wrapped, and become fixtures of local communities themselves. I understood that if I armed my client's with beautiful products then my sales would increase because they would be having success. I know how to satisfy the most demanding client: establish a relationship based on truth and honesty. Then be forthcoming with any disadvantages you possess and how you will overcome them. Then sell on your strengths. This works because all good planners know weaknesses in systems exist. It is the role of the manager to identify and mitigate these risks. While guiding the client to the desired outcome. My friends, my fellow tax payers. I will labor on your behalf until I satisfy you! Your problems have answers, we need only explore the possibilities and then act on the course that has the greatest chance of success.
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Fun Fact

I am an explorer. Of art, music, mind, mountain trails, love, and philosophy. I seek to expand my exposure to stimulus so that I may understand more perspectives. I love having my beliefs challenged and reforming them in the face of new experiences and information. I admire people who express themselves and enjoy thier own company. My greatest Mantra is this: we are good at what we practice, practice somthing you want to become a master at. I like to practice practicing. It humbles me to learn kf my ignorance everyday and turn it into experience. I seek new and novel ways to interact with my world on a daily basis. Also, I am a huge fan of fun and advocating for work, play, life balance.
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