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Bill Walker is a lifelong Alaskan who served as the 11th governor of the state, from 2014 to 2018. He is seeking election as governor again in 2022 alongside Heidi Drygas, with a deep commitment to rebuilding Alaska and creating a bright future that provides his grandchildren with the same opportunities that Alaska provided him. He believes Alaska needs fiscal stability and plans to diversify the economy, so the quality of the lives of Alaskans aren't subject to the price of oil. He believes in a strong and well funded education system and acknowledges the importance of higher education to the state's economic future.

As governor, Walker assembled a Cabinet of Alaskan leaders based on qualifications, not political affiliation. When the Legislature failed to pass Medicaid expansion, Walker unilaterally accepted it, bringing $1 billion in Federal funds to Alaska annually, reducing the state’s cost of health care, and extending health care to more than 60,000 Alaskans. With bipartisan support, he reduced the state’s dependence on dwindling oil tax revenue from 90% to 30%, significantly reducing a multi-billion-dollar budget deficit. Walker’s team developed Alaska’s first Climate Action Plan and worked closely and cooperatively with both the Obama and Trump administrations to get the best deal for Alaska.

With his running-mate, Heidi Drygas, Bill will work for all Alaskans and with leaders across the political spectrum to get what's best for the state and its citizens.

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