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Gregory Allen

Gregory Allen


District Clover Hill, Chesterfield, VA

Running For

County Commissioner



"Quality Matters - Elect Gregory Allen for County Commissioner"


Improve Community Fabric

Guide the inclusion of community nodes along our arterial roads that serve neighborhoods close by for future bus transit and to create a series of places that break the monotony of suburbia. This also establishes where development should occur and not just anywhere.

Environmentally Sound Development

Development can work that supports the environment to reduce the heat island effect, improve water quality, and help with climate change. Through specific ways trees are added to development, these goals can be achieved.


This historic short-track speedway has been a part of our county since 1949 and many famous NASCAR drivers have raced their including Wendell Scott, the first African American to win the Nascar Grand National Series race. The incumbent Board of Supervisor has taken the opportunity to try and permanently close the speedway after the owner closed during COVID and sold it to the county.

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About me

I am a retired landscape architect and community planner with over 40 years of experience in development and government. My wife and I enjoy camping and have two dogs that accompany us on our adventures. We have raised each other's children and now have an empty nest. In my past experience, I served as a grassroots community leader in Charlotte before moving to Chesterfield in 1993. I managed the review of all development in the county and played a major role in establishing quality standards in our zoning ordinance. However, recently the Board of Supervisors has been granting exceptions to these standards and pursuing unchecked growth, causing overcrowding in schools and on roads. This is why I decided to retire and run for office, to bring my experience and expertise to serve the community and preserve our community fabric. I truly care about the well-being and future of our county.
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Why I'm Running

I am running for County Commissioner in Clover Hill because I am deeply passionate about preserving the quality of our community. As a retired community planner with 40 years of experience in development, I have witnessed the negative consequences of unchecked growth. My wife and I, both landscape architects, have dedicated our lives to creating and maintaining beautiful and sustainable spaces. However, the past 4 years have seen an alarming trend of exceptions being granted to development standards, resulting in overcrowded schools and roads, and a loss of our community fabric. I believe it is time to take a stand and bring my expertise to serve the greater good for our community. I care deeply about the future of Clover Hill, and I am committed to ensuring a high quality of life for all residents.
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Current Occupation

Retired as of 7/31/23.
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Past Experience

I served as a grassroots community leader in Charlotte NC from 1983-93, then came to Chesterfield VA in 1993 to manage the review of all development in the county. I have written most of the quality standards in our zoning ordinance and have negotiated for the highest quality on all new development. For the.past 4 years, the Board of Supervisors have been granting exceptions to quality and have pursued rampant growth wherein schools and roads are suddenly overcrowded and our community fabric is being lost. I decided to retire and bring my 40 years of development and government experience to serve the greater good for the community.
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Fun Fact

My wife, Janit, and I love to go camping at State and Federal campgrounds and take our two dogs, a Greyhound and a Chihuahua. We are both landscape architects by education but she became a park planner and I became a community planner. We helped raise each other children as she has two sons and I have two daughters, all who have left the nest for their own careers and lives ahead.
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