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My name is Jaime Andrés Díez, and I'm currently running for the Texas Railroad Commission because I believe it's time we move politics in a more thoughtful and constructive direction. Oil and gas have played an essential part in emerging nations' prosperity, and I can speak from experience as a first-generation Mexican-American. However, in the United States, this nuance appears to have evaporated. The oil and gas sectors are demonized by the left. These sectors are still critical to the growth and development of our nation, but most modern politicians don't give them a second thought – take, for instance, steel, cement, and plastics Air and water pollution concerns are only a consequence of a lack of oversight and legislation. There are other instances, such as orphaned wells and Lake Boehmer in Texas, where hundreds of gallons of groundwater are polluted every minute. I'm hopeful that the RRC can serve its mission of conserving Texas' natural resources and promoting economic development for the state's residents once again instead of protecting bad actors within the industry.
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