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Jennifer Niles


District 6, Nampa, ID

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City Council


Green Party

"Vote Niles: A Green Future for Stronger Communities and Progress"

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About me

I am Jennifer Niles, a candidate for City Council in District 6, proudly representing the Green Party. While my occupation and previous experience may be unknown, my commitment to fostering positive change in our community is unwavering. Throughout my campaign, I encourage fellow residents to join me in shaping a brighter future for our district. Together, we can work towards addressing the unknown concerns and challenges that are important to our constituents. Let us embrace a future where everyone's voice is heard and valued, and where we strive to create a more sustainable and inclusive city for all.
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Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

My name is Jennifer Niles, and I am running for the office of City Council in District 6 as a member of the Green Party. While I may be unknown to many, I assure you that my dedication to the betterment of our community is unwavering.

As an unknown in terms of occupation and past experience, it is my fresh perspective and willingness to listen that sets me apart. I have spent countless hours engaging with the residents of District 6, deeply caring about their concerns and aspirations.

My campaign is not about highlighting my personal achievements, but rather about fostering change and progress. I will work diligently to prioritize the needs of our community, advocating for affordable housing, sustainable initiatives, and improved public transportation.

By voting for me, you are voting for a candidate who truly believes in transparency and accountability within local government. My commitment to these values will ensure that your voice is heard and that decisions made on your behalf align with your best interests.

Together, we can build a stronger, greener, and more equitable District 6. I am Jennifer Niles, and I thank you for considering me as your City Council representative. Let's create a future we can be proud of.

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