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Katy Sager

Katy Sager


District Ward 1, Fayetteville, AR

Running For

City Council



"VOTE Katy Sager: A Fayetteville Original!"


Supporting police-community dialogue and trust-building

After seeing first hand the need for an open dialogue in our public schools between students, parents and our local police, I firmly believe the need is great in our town to open avenues for residents of our community to come together with local law enforcement to appreciate and better educate their respective needs.

Addressing aging infrastructure in residential areas

The infrastructure in our ward is overdue for improvements and I believe now is the time to educate my constituents on what it will take to make this happen while opening the door to new avenues to increase revenue necessary to make those improvements happen.

Attracting and retaining businesses

Fayetteville needs some momentum to attract and retain new business opportunities. Our city has a diverse culture that prioritizes small business, but I believe we can do a better job of educating those businesses as to the resources they need to succeed while making the process of setting up shop as a new business as easy as possible for those looking to make Fayetteville their home for their business.

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Candidate info

About me

Katy Sager is an attorney at law and a second generation Fayetteville native running for City Council in Ward 1 as an independent candidate. With over 20 years of legal experience, Katy's passion lies in promoting economic vitality in our community while protecting what makes Fayetteville unique. Katy also prioritizes public safety for all residents and supports the growing need for infrastructure in Ward 1. She cares about supporting police-community dialogue and trust-building, addressing aging infrastructure in residential areas, and attracting and retaining businesses for economic development. Katy believes in opening avenues for residents to come together with local law enforcement and educating businesses on the resources they need to succeed in Fayetteville.
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Why I'm Running

I'm running in a non-partisan campain for Fayetteville City Council in Ward 1 because I truly believe in the potential of our community. With over 20 years as an Attorney at Law, I have witnessed firsthand the need for economic vitality and the importance of protecting what makes Fayetteville unique. My top priorities include promoting public safety for all residents, addressing infrastructure needs in our ward, and fostering a stronger bond between the police and our community. I'm also dedicated to attracting and retaining new businesses, as I believe this will bring more opportunities and growth to Fayetteville. As a second-generation native, this town is in my blood, and I'm passionate about making a positive impact in our city. Let's work together to build a brighter future for Fayetteville, one that embraces innovation, supports our local businesses, and ensures a safe and thriving community for all.

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Current Occupation

Attorney at Law, Sager Law Firm and General Counsel, Natural State Title, LLC
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Past Experience

I am a second-generation Fayetteville native, who graduated from Fayetteville High School in 1995; the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a B.A. in English in 1999; and the University of Arkansas School of Law at Fayetteville in 2002. I have practiced law in Northwest Arkansas for over 20 years, focusing primarily on real estate, estate planning and corporate contracts. My initiatives include: PROMOTING ECONOMIC VITALITY IN OUR COMMUNITY, WHILE PROTECTING WHAT MAKES FAYETTEVILLE UNIQUE. PRIORITIZING PUBLIC SAFETY FOR ALL RESIDENTS OF FAYETTEVILLE. SUPPORTING THE GROWING NEED OF INFRASTRUCTURE IN WARD 1.
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Fun Fact

I have a daughter and step son that are the exact same age - 17, and about to graduate college. My passion (beside my kids and practicing law) lies with my puppies - Waylon (a corgi) and Nala (a husky/Akita mix).
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