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About me

Hi there! My name is Kieryn McCann and I am thrilled to be running for City Commissioner of Public Facilities.  I am dedicated to bringing a fresh perspective and a collaborative spirit to the table. My background as an entrepreneur and networking in the non-profit sector has taught me the importance of building connections and nurturing a sense of community. But here's a fun fact about me - I've been a third-generation square dancer for over 13 years! Square dancing has not only brought me joy but has also strengthened my belief that our differences strengthen our collaboration. Now, let me tell you a bit about my past experiences. After studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship at McPherson College, I decided to make McPherson my home. Yes, it may be smaller than my hometown in Kansas City, but the charm and close-knit community outweigh any bustling metropolis. Through my various ventures, such as working as a barista at the Well and developing plans for a food truck, I have learned the importance of compassion and economic impact of supporting local business. I believe in caring for our people, space, and resources simultaneously, which is a value I will bring to the role of City Commissioner of Public Facilties.  Let's bridge the gap between administration and the people, fostering open dialogue and innovative solutions. As a millennial, I am committed to shaping the future of our community and ensuring that the voices of my generation are heard. Let's work towards to make sure McPherson's best years are ahead of us and not behind us! 

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Why I'm Running

I am running for City Commissioner of Public Facilities because I believe in the power of community collaboration and sustainable stewardship. Throughout my life, I have been driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I recognize the breakdown in communication between the administration and people. As a third generation square dancer, there is a unqiue joy for me that come from collaborating across all backrgrounds to be a team. I want to bridge the gaps in McPherson by creating outreach, networking and representing the interests of all our community. As a millennial, I believe it is crucial for younger generations to have a leadership steak the community we are inheriting and this is an opportunity for us to learn from the institutional knowledge currently in place. I want to be the start of a new normal in McPherson.

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Current Occupation

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Past Experience

Whether we're acquainted already or due to be, I'm excited to be your neighbor. McPherson is quite a bit smaller than to my hometown in Kansas City, Kansas, but the quaintness has a charm, that ultimately outweighs the amenities of a bustling metropolis. Its why I decided to make it my home after studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship at McPherson College. Although, life led me through several adventures from Kansas City, Hawai'i and Hutchinson before I circled back to Mac with my family. I appreciate this opportunity share a bit of my story and look forward to hearing yours sometime in return. Perhaps one of the things I've said most often growing up was, "but Mommy, it needs me!" Whether it was a rock, the smallest pumpkin at the patch, or an bee that had fallen in my drink, nothing was too small (or inanimate) to escape my concern. My compassion has been equally prominent in every endeavor I've pursued since. I loved my job as a barista at The Well tremendously. I recognized the influence the perfect (or worst) cup of coffee in the morning had on the rest of everyone's day. It's was an honor for me to be entrusted with such a pivotal moment of everyday life. I still have a business plan shelved for a coffee shop heavily inspired by my time at The Well, in case the right time and opportunity ever align. For the first year after my kiddo was born, I developed plans for a food truck. I was determined to use strictly local suppliers to source all of my ingredients and made great strides in building these connections. It's where I learned the economic impact of keeping local dollars local. Eventually, I had to face the music that the intense physical demands of a food truck is incompatible with my health. So, I shifted my focus to a concept for a cooperative of mobile vendors based out of Reno County, where I was living at the time. My goal was to lower the barriers of entry in offering quality products to customers, be competitive in the job market, and ultimately improve public health, safety, and prosperity overall. While my vision on how to meet these needs has changed, these values ultimately propelled me to where I am today. From networking and professional development during my time in Reno County, I learned a more holistic view of sustainability, incorporating stewardship as well. I ultimately believe we must care for our people, space, and resources simultaneously which are the values I'll bring specifically to the role of City Commissioner of Public Facilities. The scope of which I could accomplish this as an individual is not enough. Although I was living in Hutchinson at the time, I stayed involved in supporting McPherson business and through shopping local and the "McPherson Says Thanks!" small business recognitions. Through this time, I realized McPherson is my home and has captured my heart. So less than a year after moving to Hutchinson, I set my sights on moving back. Since buying my home in November 2022, I've been involved with McPherson Coalition for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. With my background being largely in food equity, I now voluntarily serve on the Board of Directors with focus on the Community Fridge Project while supporting our other programs as able. I see so many of our neighbors burnt from overexposure, they have zero capacity to engage on a local level. I’ll be honest, I’ve also made assumptions about neighbors based on media opinions regardings the flags adorning our homes. I see how this mindset has polarized us. It has to stop. We are only hurting ourselves. The reality of our city is, in a three person commission, there’s nothing a single candidate can do alone. We must work together. We cannot thrive as a community until we truly act like one community. I see the breakdown in communication between the administration and the people. The truth is, we can never represent your interests if there isn’t a dialogue happening. My goal is to bridge that gap. I see the city administration weighing their decisions carefully and I am confident there is reason behind their operational decisions, and undoubtedly they hold a wealth of institutional knowledge. I look forward to learning from who I hope to be my colleagues. I still firmly believe we all will benefit from the fresh perspective that comes from electing diverse leadership. I am a millennial, I own that. My generation has often been challenged with, “if you care, why don’t you do something?” It’s a valid question, to which my bid for city commissioner of public facilities is a response. My generation and those younger than me who are now also part of our voting base deserve a leadership stake in shaping the community we are inheriting. Electing me into office in a three-seat commission is a prime opportunity to strengthen intergenerational bonds and prepare for the inevitable “passing of the torch.” I hope, in turn, my fresh perspective will bring about innovative solutions for the crumbling infrastructure McPherson faces. There are limited ways for a city to generate revenue: raising tax rates, borrowing money/bonds, or increasing taxable spending within city limits. The community has been clear: increasing taxes introduces too much strain on their finances. As Mayor Brown stated at the June 6th, 2023 city commission meeting, the growth between industry, housing, and jobs is circular; in other words, a closed loop. We have seen the impacts when we neglect the other markers of a successful community. We need to open dialogue with industry leaders and work together to meet the needs of the employees they’re bringing to our community. Stop asking the community to pay more to make up for the abatements of major industries. Spend taxpayer dollars more efficiently, invest in infusing more economic activity within our community. If we’re looking at bonds they need to be long term improvements and not bandaids. My long term goals include addressing our local childcare crisis and boosting our economic strength by keeping McPherson dollars in McPherson longer. This includes supporting small business, investigating where/why McPhersonites are spending money outside McPherson and meeting those needs here. Specific to my seat in Public Facilities, I am interested to see the impact of the waterpark management structure changing this year and how to make further improvements to meet our community’s needs and requests. I believe creative solutions are the key to meeting these needs, not more dollars.
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Fun Fact

I've a third-generation square dancer for over 13 years. I cherish the connections and collaborative spirit square dancing nurtures between its participants.
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