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Jillian Burgos


District 2, Los Angeles, CA

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City Council



"Vote Jillian Burgos for a vibrant and accountable City Council!"



Helping LA's unhoused is a top priority for me.

Affordable Housing

Rents are too damn high

Housing Crisis

LA's housing market is highest in vacancies

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About me

As a small business owner and a member of the Independent party, I am passionate about creating positive change in our community. With my background in improv comedy, I bring a unique perspective to problem-solving and a willingness to think creatively. Recently elected to the NoHo Neighborhood Council, I have gained valuable insight into the needs and concerns of our residents. My ultimate goal is to address the unknown issues that often go unrecognized and ensure that all voices are heard. Together, let's build a thriving and inclusive community that we can all be proud of.
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Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

Hello, my name is Jillian Burgos, and I am running for office of City Council in District 2 as a member of the Independent party. As a Small Business Owner, I have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that local businesses face.

In my free time, I enjoy doing improv comedy, which has taught me the importance of adaptability, collaboration, and thinking on my feet - skills that are incredibly valuable in the world of politics.

One of my standout accomplishments is being elected to the NoHo Neighborhood Council in 2021. This experience has allowed me to develop a strong connection with the needs and concerns of our community.

But above all, I am driven by a deep sense of care and responsibility for the unknown. Our district deserves a representative who will work tirelessly to address the issues that often go unnoticed.

Together, we can create positive change, ensuring a bright and prosperous future for our community.

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Current Occupation

Small Business Owner
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Past Experience

Elected to NoHo Neighborhood Council in 2021
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Fun Fact

I do improv comedy in my free time
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