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Marcello Page

Marcello Page


District 1, Hinesville, GA

Running For

City Council



"Uniting our community, empowering our youth, and building a brighter future."


Increasing affordable housing options

Incentivize construction of housing for families that reside in the middle and lower class areas, invest in building, better public housing, and divulge more in community land Trusts will increase housing availability.

Fund youth mentorship and leadership programs

My mission is to empower youth to reach their goals and give them the tools they need to create meaningful lives.

Invest in infrastructure, create jobs

Creating an atmosphere and community that is welcoming to businesses, will encourage them to invest in Hinesville.

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About me

As someone who grew up in low-income housing and witnessed the effects of poverty firsthand, I understand the struggles that many in our community face. My dedicated mother instilled in me the values of hard work, service to others, and never giving up. I believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities for success, regardless of their backgrounds. That's why I'm running for City Council. I want to be a leader who puts the people first and creates a more accountable government. I care deeply about increasing affordable housing options, funding youth mentorship and leadership programs, and investing in infrastructure to create jobs. Through these initiatives, I believe we can bring our community together, empower our youth, and build a strong and vibrant Hinesville. Together, let's make a positive change for the future.
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Why I'm Running

Growing up in low-income housing and witnessing firsthand the effects of poverty, drug abuse, and gang violence, I understand the challenges that many in our community face. With a strong belief in hard work, service to others, and never giving up, instilled in me by my dedicated mother, I am motivated to make a difference as a member of the Nonpartisan party in the City Council. Having experienced the difficulties of getting involved in the political community myself, I am determined to fight for a more accountable government and put the people first. I aim to be a calm, compassionate, and creative leader who can bring our community together and solve the challenges we face. My priorities include increasing affordable housing options, funding youth mentorship and leadership programs, and investing in infrastructure to create jobs. By incentivizing housing construction, improving public housing, and supporting community land trusts, we can make housing more accessible. Additionally, empowering our youth and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed will be a priority, as well as creating an environment that welcomes businesses and encourages economic development. I am passionate about bringing positive change to Hinesville and will dedicate myself to the betterment of our community.
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Current Occupation

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Past Experience

When I first moved to Hinesville, I found it very difficult to get involved in the political community, even reaching out to our representative was not an accessible option. I started thinking about how many others have faced this issue in the past and want to fight for a more accountable government. I’m running for City council because I’m tired of politicians not putting the people first. The community needs a new leader who is calm, compassionate, and creative. Someone who can bring people together despite their differences and solve our challenges.
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Fun Fact

Growing up in low-income housing, where I witnessed drug abuse and gang violence firsthand, gave me the opportunity to understand the effects of poverty firsthand. I was also raised by a sweet, dedicated mother who did her best to provide for me. No matter what life throws at you, working hard, being of service to others, and never giving up are values that my mother instilled in me. Clearly, many great people came from privileged upbringings, and many others are prevented from achieving success by a variety of issues, which has given me the ability to overcome numerous obstacles. I owe my mother and the Man above anything.
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