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Marty Grohman

Marty Grohman



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Marty Grohman: Proud of our Past, Dedicated to our Future


Encouraging energy efficiency and conservation initiatives

I look for projects that both save money and save the earth. Done right, we can reduce expenses, and pollution, at the same time!

Sustainable land use practices

I would like to maintain Biddeford's community feel and make that more of a priority as downtown development continues

Investing in road repairs and maintenance

I would like to do simple things like add sensors to the lights at 5 Points so people don't wait so long in traffic

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Candidate info

About me

Hi, I'm Marty Grohman and I am running as a candidate for Mayor as a member of the Independent party. Growing up on a small farm in Western Maine, I learned the value of hard work and cooperation. After graduating from college, I launched a successful manufacturing business that grossed over $30 million in sales. Now, I focus on sustainability practices that have impacted the building materials industry and I advocate for Maine's entrepreneurial community. Aside from my professional background, I am the head volunteer for West Brook Skating Rink. I'm also an active member of my community, volunteering with veterans' groups and addiction recovery groups in Biddeford. I'm running for office to encourage energy efficiency and conservation initiatives, practice sustainable land use, and invest in road repairs and maintenance. Let's work together to save both money and the earth while maintaining Biddeford's community feel. Thanks for your support!
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Why I'm Running

As an Independent candidate running for Mayor, I am excited to put my experience and passion to work for the people of Biddeford. My background in sustainability and entrepreneurship has taught me the importance of collaboration and innovation in solving complex challenges. Growing up on a farm taught me the values of hard work and community, and I have dedicated my career to creating economic opportunities while being mindful of our impact on the environment. I care deeply about promoting energy efficiency, sustainable land use, and investing in transportation infrastructure. As the head volunteer for the West Brook Skating Rink and an active member of many community organizations, I am deeply invested in the wellbeing of the people of Biddeford. If elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that Biddeford remains a vibrant and sustainable community for generations to come. Thank you for your support.

-Marty Grohman
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Current Occupation

Solar & Sustainability
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Past Experience

Marty Grohman grew up on a small farm in the Western Maine town of Carthage. His family raised Jersey dairy cows, and Marty learned early the value of hard work and cooperation. Rising early to feed the animals before getting on the bus for school, life on the farm formed the bedrock values that Marty has used throughout his life. After graduating from Gould Academy, Marty got a degree in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He worked as a chemical engineer until inventing a composite decking material that he turned into a successful manufacturing business. Marty launched CorrectDeck in Biddeford in 1999. As he was growing the business, Marty was severely injured on the job. Starting a company from a wheelchair was not what he had in mind when he launched the company, but this experience reinforced his belief that cooperation and teamwork is the only way to achieve real results. Marty's company grew to employ 75 people right here in Maine, and gross more than $30 million in sales. It made the Inc 500 list three years in a row, and their products have been sold in 49 countries. The company was eventually acquired by an even larger building materials company, and Marty turned his focus to developing sustainability practices that have had a significant impact on the way the building materials industry relates to the environment. Marty has a passion for starting new ventures, and has been an advocate for Maine's entrepreneurial community, serving as a trustee for a non-profit that seeks to fund startups and working with local businesses to help them succeed. He's run a podcast - The Grow Maine Show - that features local businesses and helps to identify challenges and solutions for Maine-grown companies. Marty is an active member of his community. He works closely with veterans' groups and volunteers with addiction recovery groups in Biddeford. He's serving in his second term as a State Legislator, where he serves on the Criminal Justice Committee. As an Independent legislator, Marty has had great success working with both sides of the aisle. He's been ranked the most bipartisan member of the legislature, as well as "Legislator of the Year" by both the Maine Association of Realtors and the American Legion. He received the President's Award from the Maine Sheriffs Association, and was named an honorary life member of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Marty lives in Biddeford with his wife Amy, their two children Hannah and Henry, and their dog Milo.
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Fun Fact

I am the head volunteer for West Brook Skating Rink
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