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Michael Germano

Michael Germano


Zebulon, NC

Running For

Town Commissioner



"Building a stronger future for Zebulon, one innovative idea at a time."


Enhancing transparency and accountability

Zebulon needs proactive decision makers. Zebulon needs creative problem solvers. As an Architect, Michael has been trained both academically and experientially to be a proactive, creative problem solver. It is something that comes naturally to him, and it is a quality that makes a good leader. Too often, current Commissioners take an extremely hostile and adversarial stance in all interactions with Town Staff and other Subject Matter Experts before them. This is extremely counter-productive and as a Commissioner, Michael will foster healthier relationships with Staff and Citizens alike. No one person has all the answers, and it takes a team to identify all the important information for decision making. A proactive mentality to put Zebulon on the right path for the future.

Attracting and retaining businesses

Zebulon needs diversity of industry types. For too long Zebulon has relied on too few large businesses to support the town's growth. As commissioner, Michael will work with the Economic Development Department and other aligned organizations to find, encourage, and incentivize a greater diversity of businesses and industries to come to our great Town. Decisions made by the Board of Commissioners have ripple effects. Among those ripples are how desired business and developers view Zebulon Government as a cooperative partner. As a commissioner, Michael will have a focused and planned approach to decision making, understanding the bigger picture and economic vitality of our Town.

Early childhood education

Zebulon is growing at an incredible rate, one of the fastest in North Carolina. With this growth is the need for adequate childcare and education. WakeMed estimates that everyday a kindergarten class is born in their Wake County hospital system. Many of those children will live and grow up in Zebulon. Currently there is a lack of childcare facilities, to help these young families establish themselves, and looking to the future, there is no current Zebulon High School available for our children as they grow up. As a father to two young children, Michael is keenly aware of these shortcomings. As commissioner, Michael will work with the Economic and Planning Departments to establish and showcase our growing need to address these issues with Wake County Public Schools and other childcare providers. Our children are our future, Zebulon should provide the tools for them to succeed.

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Candidate info

About me

Hello, my name is Michael Germano and I am running for the position of Town Commissioner in Zebulon. I am an Independent candidate and I work as an Architect. In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and kids, as well as playing golf. I have a strong connection to Zebulon, as my wife and I moved here in 2018 because we fell in love with the small town charm and friendly people. As a husband, father, and small business owner, I understand the importance of proper planning and growth management to maintain the community's unique character. I believe in proactive and common sense governance, advocating for excellent childcare options and quality schools, revitalizing the downtown district, and investing in education and early childhood development. I have been actively involved in volunteer work and have contributed to important planning and development initiatives in Zebulon. I am a firm believer in transparency and accountability in government, creative problem-solving, economic diversification, and the need for adequate childcare and education. As a Commissioner, I will work towards the collective future of our town and ensure that Zebulon continues to be a place where families and businesses can thrive.
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Why I'm Running

I'm Michael Germano, and I'm running for Town Commissioner in At-Large as a member of the Independent party. As an architect, I've seen firsthand the importance of proper planning and nurturing growth in a way that fits our community. That's why I'm passionate about proactive and common-sense governance for our town's future. Being a husband and father, I understand the value of excellent childcare options and quality schools. Our children are the future, and I believe they deserve all the tools to succeed. As a small business owner, I've worked to revitalize downtown districts and witnessed the potential of our town's infrastructure. I want to take bold action to restore our downtown to its former and future glory. With my experience on the Zebulon Planning Board and as vice chair, I've led recommendations for the proper planning and development of our town. I believe in enhancing transparency and accountability in government. Zebulon needs proactive decision-makers and creative problem-solvers who can attract and retain a diverse range of businesses. Together, we can ensure early childhood education and provide the tools for our children to succeed. Let's put Zebulon on the right path for a bright and prosperous future.
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Current Occupation

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Past Experience

I'm a husband, father, and a Small Business owner. My wife and I moved to Zebulon in 2018, because we fell in love with the small town charm and friendly people. I'm originally from Western Wake County, and when I was growing up it wasn't all that much different than Zebulon is today. Things sure have changed in Western Wake County over the years. I've seen first hand how family farms turn into housing development after development. I understand the importance of proper planning to get ahead of the growth, so that we as a Town, can nurture that growth in the way that fits our community, rather than being overrun by development. As a Commissioner, I will be an advocate for our collective future through proactive and common sense governance. As a father with a young family, I know the importance of having excellent childcare options and quality schools. Our children are the future and we should be providing them all the tools to succeed. As a Small Business Owner working to revitalize the Zebulon Downtown Districts, I know first hand the state of disarray that the Town's current infrastructure is in. From non-functioning sewage lines to dilapidated buildings, I've seen it all. We need bold action to help our Downtown return to its former and future glory. As a member of the Zebulon Main Street Visioning Team, I helped plan and lay the groundwork for Zebulon's acceptance into the North Carolina Main Street Program. As a community member, I have volunteered many hours and to causes that I believe are vital and beneficial to our future generations. I believe strongly that education is the key to all success. For this reason, I am most proud of my time spent working with the Diversify Architecture After-School program at Zebulon Middle. Working with the students and opening new doors to paths otherwise unknown to them, is both rewarding and exciting. As vice chair of the Zebulon Planning Board, I have led many recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for appropriate action on Planning and Development issues, including the updated Grow Zebulon Comprehensive Plan. This plan establishes where Zebulon is today and the direction of Zebulon for the future.
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Fun Fact

In my free time, you can usually find me spending quality time with my wife and kids, or on the golf course searching for my ball.
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