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Michael Woods



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"Stronger Unions. Greater Equality. A Better Future for All."



Town will loose its charm due to economics

Defending equality and inclusion

As a candidate for Elon town council, I want to make sure that all our residents and students concerns are heard.

Building great neighborhoods

I want to be part of building a town where residents and businesses want to live, work and play.

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Candidate info

About me

Hi, my name is Michael Woods and I am running for office as a member of an unknown party in an unknown location. I am a corporate trainer by profession and have a vast experience in various roles, including serving as a union president and negotiator for 9 years. In addition, I am proud to be a member of St. Joseph's AME church, Durham, NC, and married to Patricia Cummings Mendez de Woods. I have a passion for travel, golf, and sailing. I am dedicated to promoting equity, inclusion, and belonging, and currently serve on the board. As a great listener and communicator, my goal is to bring people together and work towards the best outcomes for all stakeholders. I truly care about the welfare of our community, and I am committed to making a positive difference.
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Why I'm Running

I am running for office as a member of the unknown party because I believe it is time for a leader who truly understands the needs and concerns of our community. As a Corporate trainer, I have honed my skills in effective communication and teamwork, and I am ready to put those skills to use in serving our community. With my experience as a union president and negotiator, I have witnessed firsthand the power of bringing people together to achieve positive change. I am a great listener and communicator, and I know how to find common ground and build bridges. Furthermore, my involvement on the board of equity, inclusion, and belonging has given me a deep understanding of the importance of creating a fair and inclusive society. I am passionate about making a difference and ensuring the well-being of all stakeholders. With your support, I will work tirelessly to address the unknown issues that matter to our community and create a better future for all.
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Current Occupation

Corporate trainer
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Past Experience

I served as union president of a large corporation and served a union negotiator for 9 years. I also serve on the board of equity, inclusion, and belonging. I’m a great listener and communicator also I know how to bring people together to achieve what is best for all stakeholders.
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Fun Fact

I’m a member of St Joseph’s AME church, Durham, N C. Married to Patricia Cummings Mendez de Woods. I love to travel, ply golf and sailing.
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