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Miles Pomeroy

Miles Pomeroy


District 49, Herriman, UT

Running For

State House of Representatives


Forward Party

"Forward with Miles Pomeroy: Accountability, Transparency, and Empowering Marginalized Communities"


Stop Gerrymandering

The Independent Redistricting Commission was charged with creating new voting district maps based on the 2020 census. The central premise was that this commission and the maps they create would be nonpartisan. The hope was to prevent the gerrymandering that is pervasive across the country among both parties. The Legislature took the teeth out of the law by removing the provision requiring the Legislature to accept one of the created maps. When redistricting happened in 2021, the Legislative Redistricting Committee (which included our incumbent representative) ignored the IRC's maps in favor of their own gerrymandered maps.

Promoting efficiency and accountability in government spending

Taxes can be a burden, but they also provide many of the great benefits we all enjoy. Financial transparency to the public is key to preventing waste. When taxpayers understand where their money is being spent, they tend to be more open to being taxed. I want to support initiatives that produce easy-to-understand infographics of where tax funds are going. This transparency should be promoted at all levels of government from schools to the state.

Public Campaign Financing

"Follow the money" and you'll often better understand the voting decisions of elected officials. There's too much "dark money" in politics. If campaigns are funded primarily by the people they serve, then elected officials will more often vote in a way that better represents the views of the voters who elected them.

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About me

I am a Software Engineer who is passionate about making positive change in my community. In my past political experience, I have witnessed the radicalization of the Republican Party and decided to align myself with the Democratic Party. I have served as a Delegate, Precinct Vice-Chair, and District Vice-Chair, actively engaging in the democratic process. Beyond politics, I am dedicated to serving marginalized communities through volunteering with organizations such as Mentorworks and Circles SLC. I am deeply committed to promoting electoral reform, specifically stopping gerrymandering and advocating for public campaign financing. I believe in fiscal responsibility and the need for financial transparency in government spending. It is important to me that taxpayers understand how their money is being utilized and that campaigns are funded by the people they serve, reducing the influence of "dark money." As a lover of water-related activities, including swimming and fish breeding, I also care about promoting environmental conservation efforts. Through my experience and passions, I am determined to make a difference in the State House of Representatives and work towards a more equitable and effective government.
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Why I'm Running

I am running for the State House of Representatives because I believe in the values of the Forward Party and want to bring my experience as a software engineer to the table. Beyond my professional background, I am an avid swimmer and have a deep appreciation for water-related activities. I have also dedicated my time to volunteering with organizations that serve marginalized communities, such as Mentorworks and Circles SLC. Additionally, I am passionate about promoting electoral reform, specifically stopping gerrymandering through the Independent Redistricting Commission, and increasing efficiency and accountability in government spending by advocating for financial transparency. Lastly, I strongly support public campaign financing to reduce the influence of "dark money" in politics and ensure that elected officials truly represent the views of the people they serve. I am committed to making positive change and working towards a better future for the people of our state.
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Current Occupation

Software Engineer
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Past Experience

Miles increased his political involvement in 2016. As a registered Republican, at the time, he attended his neighborhood caucus meeting and was elected as a delegate. Over the next two years of his term, he attended conventions and eventually became disaffected with the Republican Party. Miles found that the right-wing radicalization of the Party did not match his values, and he decided to remove his association. Wanting to still be politically involved, Miles registered as a Democrat in 2018. He has since served a Delegate, Precinct Vice-Chair, and District Vice-Chair in the Democratic Party. Miles’ desire to serve goes beyond politics. He particularly enjoys volunteering with organizations that serve marginalized communities. Miles volunteered for two years with Mentorworks. They are a sober-living treatment center focused on helping individuals recently released from prison. For the past two years Miles has been an “Ally” at Circles SLC. Circles SLC helps families below the federal poverty line extend their network and find resources to meet their goals of getting out of poverty. Miles has also served his church congregation in various capacities.
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Fun Fact

I enjoy activities involving water. I was a high school swimmer and have since participated in triathlons and open water swimming. My greatest swimming achievement is swimming the 7 miles across Bear Lake. At home I've bred freshwater fish and still have a number of aquariums. I've recently been interested in cold plunging and winter swimming.
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