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Nicholas Golleher


District 33, Rogers, AR

Running For

State Senate


Libertarian Party


Addressing the digital divide in underserved areas

There are a lot of people in rural Arkansas without access to reliable broadband. More of them can’t afford the expensive services available.

Invest in local public education

I'm for local control, supporting educators and superintendents, and putting kids first. Arkansas's government is out of control. This is grotesque overreach from power-obsessed state "leaders" hellbent on eroding AR public education.

Promoting efficiency and accountability in government spending

Transparency and accountability. FOIA matters and we must stop and prevent corruption. The only way to do it is to make sure the public has access to and the ability to examine government communication and financial records.

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Current Occupation

Title Insurance Underwriter
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Past Experience

I'm a single father of twins and a conservative Christian. I'm tired of seeing our state dragged to the depths of the Country just because no one is willing to stand up for individuals instead of corporations or lobbies. Opposing a sitting senator from your own party when you have no political experience can be a challenging endeavor, but it's not necessarily without merit. Here are some reasons why I want to take on such a challenge: 1. Policy Differences: I fundamentally disagree with the incumbent senator on key policy issues that matter deeply to me and my community. 2. Accountability: I don't believe my opponent has effectively represented the state's values or the interests of my prospective constituents, I therefore feel compelled to hold them accountable through a primary challenge. 3. Fresh Perspective: My lack of political experience is actually an asset. I feel that it helps bring a fresh perspective as I am not part of the political establishment. 4. Grassroots Campaign: Running as a political outsider can enable me to build a grassroots campaign and connect with voters who are looking for change and are dissatisfied with the status quo. 5. Democratic Process: This is an opportunity as an outsider to engage with the political system and make your voice heard.
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Fun Fact

When I'm not working, I devote most of my time to my children, often coaching them in baseball and softball, taking trips to Disney World, or volunteering with the local Scout Troop. As a 20-year veteran football official, I can also be found on area football fields on Friday nights in the fall.
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