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Penny Golden


District Ingles, Dublin, VA

Running For

School Board



"Penny Golden: Championing Education, Safety, and Bright Futures for Ingles"


Investing in after-school activities and mentoring programs

I am focused on building out tutoring programs to help students affected by the pandemic.

Parental Rights and Involvement

I am committed to making sure parents are involved with their children's education

Academic Acheivement

I would like to continue to grow our Cougar Scholars Program to include more opportunities for our students and making sure they get the credit they deserve, no matter what class they take.

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Candidate info

About me

I have always had a passion for education and serving my community, which is why I am seeking a second term on the School Board in Ingles. As a Human Resource Director, I bring valuable experience to the table and understand the importance of investing in our children's future. Outside of my career, I have pursued my passion for writing and am currently working on a book that explores how southern ideologies can positively impact the financial success of our children. I have also written a children's book that I hope to have published soon. In addition to my writing endeavors, I am currently taking a course to become a Master Herbalist, as I believe in holistic approaches to wellness. Over the past four years, I have worked diligently to improve the education system in Pulaski County. I have been instrumental in implementing additional security measures in our schools, providing chromebooks to all students, and improving the infrastructure of our schools. I am committed to investing in after-school activities and mentoring programs, as well as focusing on building tutoring programs to support students affected by the pandemic. I truly care about the well-being and success of our youth, and I hope to continue making a positive impact as a member of the School Board.
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Why I'm Running

As a dedicated member of the Independent party and a Human Resource Director, I am passionate about improving our education system as a School Board representative. With four years of experience on the Pulaski County School Board, I have already made significant strides in enhancing the safety and resources available to our students. Through the implementation of additional security measures, budgeting for upgrades, and providing essential technology, I have demonstrated my commitment to creating a supportive learning environment. In my next term, I aim to focus on investing in after-school activities and mentoring programs to foster personal growth and prevent youth violence. Furthermore, understanding the challenges students face due to the pandemic, I am dedicated to expanding tutoring programs to ensure no child is left behind. Additionally, I am excited to bring my passion for southern ideologies and financial success to the table, as I believe diverse perspectives can inspire innovative approaches for our children's future. By electing me, Penny Golden, to the School Board, we can continue to make progress and provide the best education possible for our community.

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Current Occupation

Human Resource Director
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Past Experience

I have served on the Pulaski County School Board for four years and will be seeking a second term. I have lived in Pulaski County for 23 years and along with my husband we have raised our three children here. In the past four years as the School Board representative in the Ingles District I have helped implement additional security by placing SRO's in all schools, budgeting for Security upgrades to all elementary schools, provided chromebooks to all students, established a free health and dental clinic at the High School and we have completed major capital improvements with air conditioning in schools that previously had none, repaired or replaced roofs, improved parking lots and many more.
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Fun Fact

I have always wanted to be an author and am currently writing a book on how southern ideologies can play a role in the financial success of our children. I have also written a children's book and am hoping to get that published as well. I am also currently taking a course to become a Master Herbalist.
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