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Raja Flores

Independent Candidate
for New York City Mayor
Good Certified
July 20, 2021
Votes Needed
To Win
🗳 64.9K
Likely Voters
373.9K 🎉
needed to win
248 endorsements so far.
At 250 endorsements, this campaign will have more endorsements than all the competitors combined.

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Campaign Summary

Raja Flores is a world-renowned physician and community leader who has dedicated his life to serving his community. As the head of thoracic surgery at a hospital in East Harlem, Raja has treated and saved the lives of thousands of New Yorkers. He was called into greater service during the COVID-19 pandemic, where his knowledge of the heart and lungs was critical to treating those suffering from the coronavirus.

New York City needs a Mayor like Raja Flores who can solve the city's most pressing and unresolved problems like failing public health, affordable housing and a broken education system. These problems continue to persist because political leaders have placed their own self-interest above the needs of everyday New Yorkers.

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“As a surgeon in East Harlem, I saw how unsafe housing hurts people”

Raja Flores understands the critical reforms needed to help improve housing for New Yorkers. 

7 months ago
"This city helped raise me"

Raja Flores truly wants to help struggling New Yorkers. 

7 months ago
Raja Flores shares his story

NYC Mayoral candidate Raja Flores opens up about his childhood and the life experiences that shape his worldview.

8 months ago
"I cannot look the other way"

NYC Mayoral candidate Raja Flores warns about the dangerous effects of asbestos exposure. 

8 months ago
"I will always fight for New York"

Raja Flores is the only candidate who can truly help New Yorkers. 

8 months ago
New York's strength, then and now

Raja Flores' powerful OP-ED in the Daily News shines a light on the strength of New Yorkers in the midst of crises. 

9 months ago
Raja Flores outlines education plan

Raja Flores discusses his education platform and other important issues impacting New York City on oneNYCHAtv.

10 months ago
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