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Rufus Temple


Wrightsville Beach , NC

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Parking and Traffic

This is an unbelievably challenging problem for our tiny resort town. We have an area of only 1.1 square miles and a population of only 2500. However, on any given weekend it can swell to 30 to 40 thousand creating gridlock

Revenue generation

Being a vacation resort community, we have fund services to accommodate the large number of visitors. This includes increased expenditures for police, EMT, life guards, beach access etc. there are limited avenues available to create revenue without overburdening the permanent residents

Quality of Life Issues

I will advocate for the issues that enhance the liveabilty of our town.This includes noise abatement, easier access to their homes by the elderly and handicapped, proper bicycle paths, protecting the fragile ocean environment…etc. etc.

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Current Occupation

Retired physician
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Past Experience

I am a retired physician. That makes me an excellent listener and problem solver. I have served as president of several medically related and hospital boards. This gives me expecting strategic planning, budgets and running efficient meetings.
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Fun Fact

I am an avid though not very talented golfer. I am an avid but but not very talented fisherman. These two “sports” attract me more for their social aspects than for their competitiveness.
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