Meet the Candidate

Shane Hazel

Libertarian Party Candidate
for Governor of Georgia
Good Certified
June 18, 2021
Made it On the Ballot
March 11, 2022
Votes Needed
To Win
🗳 115K
Likely Voters
1M 🎉
needed to win
206 endorsements so far.
At 250 endorsements, this campaign will have more endorsements than all the competitors combined.
Early Voting Begins
October 17, 2022
Election Night
November 8, 2022

Latest People Endorsing

Jenny B.
endorsed 15 hours ago
Ken A.
endorsed 1 day ago
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Campaign Summary

Shane is the outspoken host of the Radical podcast, entrepreneur and avid freedom enthusiast that will leave you alone!  Shane is running for Governor of Georgia to empower and unite the people regardless of age, race, faith, gender or political beliefs. 

Both major political parties have forsaken peace and the rights of Americans.

Stand with Shane by smashing his endorse button and watch as this Marine combat veteran takes the fight for liberty to the corrupt Georgia government.

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"They are both authoritarians"

Shane Hazel exposes the Republican Party and the Democratic Party for their extreme control over people's lives.  

8 months ago
Shane Hazel criticizes Democrats and Republicans

Shane Hazel points out major flaws within the Democratic Party and the Republican Party on his podcast.

10 months ago
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