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Tanya Callaway


District 4, Washington, DC

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City Council



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As a candidate running for City Council, I believe in the power of independent thinking and representation. While my occupation may be unknown, I value the opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. Despite the lack of information about my past experience, what remains constant is my unwavering dedication to the betterment of our city and its residents. I strongly believe in the importance of transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in decision-making processes. I am committed to listening to the concerns and aspirations of the community, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are addressed. While my fun fact may be unknown, what truly matters is my genuine care for the issues that impact our city and its people. Together, let's work towards a brighter future, making our city a place we can all be proud to call home.
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Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running
I believe in a better future for our city.
As an independent candidate, I, Tanya Callaway, am running for the position of City Council in District 4. While my exact occupation remains unknown, please know that my commitment to serving the community is unwavering.

Despite not having a known fun fact or past experience listed, I assure you that my dedication to making positive change is considerable. With your support, I aim to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the challenges our city faces.

*Unknown* may describe certain aspects of my background, but what is absolutely clear is my passion for improving the lives of our fellow citizens. With an unwavering commitment to transparency and inclusivity, I will work tirelessly to ensure that all voices are heard and represented in the decisions affecting our community.

Together, let's forge a path towards a more prosperous and equitable future. While there may be unknowns about me, my integrity and determination to make a difference are steadfast. Vote for me, Tanya Callaway, for an independent voice that will fight for the best interests of our city and its people.
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