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Tiffany Brice


Springfield , SC

Running For

Council member


Non Partisan

"Fostering Unity and Progress: Embracing Diversity for a Stronger Springfield!"


Promoting inclusivity and diverse representation in decision-making processes

As the town continues to grow, I feel that an increased sense of inclusion and diversity would contribute to boosting the morale and awareness throughout our town. Working together on one accord instead of in clicks or small groups would benefit the town greatly.

Promoting inclusive recreational programs and events

Our town is in need of programs and events that benefit the people of our town. These recreational programs and events would need to benefit our people from ages 0 to 99 plus.

Collaborating with organizations to address food deserts


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Candidate info

About me

Hi there! My name is Tiffany Brice, and I am running for Council member in Springfield as a Non-Partisan candidate. I have had the opportunity to work with municipal politics and politicians prroviding administrative support in various community roles in Roselle, New Jersey.  Here in South Carolina,  I have volunteered as a Civilian Administrative Officer for the CL-56 Division of the Sea Cadet program where my son was active as a League Cadet when he was 10 and 11 years old. I was the first secretary that served as the Secretary for the Goodland Park Community Complex. 

I have been living in Springfield since 2015, both in the county and now in town. I deeply value the sense of community and have instilled this in my children as well. In terms of my current profession, I have multiple roles as I been working as an independent client support professional contractor since 2012.  One of my specializations are technical support.  I am also an authrized free phone filed agents and Authorized prepaid cell phone dealer. 

A fun fact about me is that I enjoy painting in group settings so much that I started my own business doing it. I love hosting events that uplift and inspire others, starting from small groups at my church and growing to hosting campus events with 100-125 students has been a huge accomplishment for me.

As a mother of five and a grandmother of two, family and community are important aspects of my life. I understand that serving in my community and teaching my children to do the same contributes to their future and the of other generations to come.  

In Springfield, I have become known for the following:

giving out the free phones, hosting the voters registration drive prior to last election, hosting Community Watch Group meeting that which introduced the town and county police authorities when it was said that there was none.  I hosted meetings that shared awareness on topics from protecting your home, know SLEDS role in our community to eating healthy virtual presentations with Clemson. 

Early this year, I initiated the Quest for Greatness project which highlighted African Americans that have contributed to community and have been identified as pioneers by fellow community members.  

I hosted an intro read and paint event to encourage literacy and creativity (with more to come).

Or just being a good neighbor. 

Upcoming, I am partnering with my company Nu Journey and Company, Premier Martial Arts, The  OC Book Mobile and other sources to bring a Saturday afternoon activity that would benefit our kids to the community.

These points  and views that I am strong on as it relates to Springfields future:

Accessibility and inclusivity in especially public meetings is essential in thriving communities. A closed door does not provide service to the community. 

I believe in promoting inclusivity and diverse representation in decision-making processes. 

Collaborating with organizations to build our community while addressing food deserts and lack of resources is essential. 

With Springfields strong econonic history being one having been the second largest mercantile town in the county creating opportunities that contribute to the sustainability of our community. I am excited about the upcoming election and the positive impact we can make together as a community. Thank you for your support!

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Why I'm Running

I am Tiffany Brice, and I am running for Council member as a member of the Non Partisan party. As an independent contractor and support analyst, I have gained valuable experience working with municipal politics and politicians, as well as advocating for my community. Through my work with various community boards and organizations, I have witnessed the power of collaboration and the positive impact it can have on a community. I believe in promoting inclusivity and diverse representation in decision-making processes, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in public meetings, and fostering inclusive recreational programs and events for all age groups. Moreover, I am dedicated to collaborating with organizations to address food deserts and ensure food security and access for all. With my experience, dedication, and passion for community, I am committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the people of Springfield as a Town Council member.
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Current Occupation

Independent Contractor/ Support Analyst
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Past Experience

I have had the pleasure of living here in Springfield since 2015. I have lived in the county side of town and now I currently reside in the town. Therefore, I am very familiar with the great people of Springfield overall. My family has adopted the southern charm since we have been here. I have been able to instill a strong sense of the value of community in my children which is really important to me. EXPERIENCE I am an independent contractor and have been primarily self-employed as such since 2012. My regular full time job is a Technical Support Analyst. I work seasonally with Apex Tax Group providing Virtual Professional Tax Services. Being a contractor allows me to be flexible for my children and community. In 2022, I have completed my degree in General Studies with a focus on Social Sciences and Social Issues moving into my Masters in Leadership. I am taking a break as I focus on helping my children achieve their academic, civic, and athletic goals. My background is pretty extensive. I will say that I do have experience in working with municipal politic and politicians as it relates to community. My experience includes working with the 2007 Administration of Borough of Roselle in New Jersey where I worked as the Secretary for multiple community boards under the Mayor/Council and while also serving as the Administrative Support under the Mayor and Director of the Urban Enterprise Zone all at the same time. I have volunteered as a Civilian Administrative Officer when my son was a Sea Cadet for UNSCC CL-56 from 2016-2018. I was the Secretary for the Goodland Park Community Complex located here in the Goodland Community Section of Springfield. When I first came to Springfield, I became known to many people here in town because I take pride in the fieldwork that I do/or have done with the government's free phone program in our area and surrounding areas. PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES I am a mother of 5 beautiful children, grandmother of now 2 very vibrant grandchildren. We have 1 dog named Shadow. Many of you may have met three of my children, Olivia, Journey, and Tyler. Journey is usually found singing throughout the town and Tyler maybe just randomly taking pictures of nature. All three of them were active in volunteering where opportunity allows. We are always participating in something as I instill in my children what was instilled in me many years ago. Self-exploration, community involvement, and collaboration are essential as they grow. With that being said, once again I am very pleased to announce that I am a Candidate for Town Council here in Springfield in this upcoming election and look forward to a positive and healthy race this election season.
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Fun Fact

I enjoy painting in group settings, so much that I started a business doing it. I like to host events that uplift and inspire others. I started with small groups at my church and quickly grew into hosting campus events as large as 100 to 125 students at one time.
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