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Troy Meyers


District 2, Westport, WA

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City Council



"Vote Meyers for a fresh, independent voice in City Council!"

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About me

I am an independent candidate running for City Council because I believe in the power of change and effective representation. Although my occupation remains unknown, my passion for my community is undeniable. While it may seem unusual to have little information about my past experience, I assure you that this is an advantage as it allows me to approach every issue with an open mind and without any biases. My dedication to the people and their concerns goes beyond personal interests, as I am committed to addressing the unknown troubles faced by our community. With a fresh perspective, I am determined to listen, learn, and act upon the needs of our city, ensuring a brighter future for all. Together, we can uncover the unknown and pave the way for progress.
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Why I'm Running

I am running for the City Council because I believe in the power of independent thinking and the importance of diverse voices in decision-making. As an unknown candidate, I bring a fresh perspective to the table, free from any professional or personal biases. My occupation, past experience, and fun facts may be unknown, but what is not unknown is my unwavering commitment to serving and advocating for the needs of our city. I am driven by the desire to make a positive impact in our community, to represent the interests and concerns of all residents, and to ensure that our city remains a great place to live, work, and thrive. While I may not have a specific platform yet, my ethos centers around transparency, inclusivity, and informed decision-making. I care deeply about unknown, and through my candidacy for City Council, I aim to foster a space for open dialogue, collaboration, and progress, ensuring that our city remains a vibrant and equitable place for all.
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