How Good Party Works - Who is a Good Certified Candidate?

Who is a Good Certified Candidate?

A Good Certified Candidate is a someone running in an election who has taken the Good Party Pledge to be:

  • Honest - Good Certified candidates are committed to serving with utmost integrity, and using technology to be open, transparent and responsive representatives of the people.

    • They pledge to serve with the highest levels of integrity and honesty and to report and disclose to appropriate authorities (constituents, law enforcement, etc.) any attempts to unfairly influence me or members of my campaign staff within 48 hours. 

    • They pledge to serve transparently and to be accountable and responsive to the people - including to the extent possible to:  

      • Openly share their calendar, and to have meetings on public time be live-streamed, closed-captioned, archived and searchable.

      • Allocate a reasonable portion of official and campaign resources to the technology (e.g. mobile apps, phone, body cam, Youtube, Facebook Live, etc.) necessary to do so.

      • Push for transparency and accountability in all government spending and accounting, including the use of technologies for such purposes. 

    • They pledge that, if elected, I will always work to champion or support anti-corruption policies that enable more competition and choices in elections and transparency and accountability in government - including but not limited to examples such as: 

      • Rank-choice voting, non-partisan primaries, ending gerrymandering, proportional representation, closing the revolving door from politics to lobbying and eliminating influence of dark money.

  • Independent - Good Certified candidates are not Republican or Democratic politicians. They are independent-minded people from across the political spectrum, dedicated to advancing the priorities of their constituents.

    • They pledge to disaffiliate from the Democratic or Republican Parties and declare myself an independent or alternative party candidate for office.

    • They pledge that, if elected, they will NOT pay membership dues or otherwise engage in fundraising for either of the two major political party committees while in office.

    • They pledge that, if elected, they will remain independent of partisan politics and be open to working with all sides to the benefit of my constituents. 

  • People-Powered - Good Certified candidates run to serve people, not corporations, unions, political action committees or special interests. They run  grass-roots campaigns that depend on being connected to and promoted by the people that they’ll be serving.

    • They pledge that the majority of their support will come from living people and individual donors, NOT from corporations, unions, political action committees, or other non-living entities.

    • They pledge to run a grass-roots campaign, centered on ideas, earned media and word-of-mouth promotion, so that they are dependent on the people, not on big-money and special interests.

    • They pledge that after getting elected they will stay connected to their constituency using technology and tools that ensure their decisions on important issues and legislation are informed by the best ideas and interests.

Additionally, Good Certified candidates have to abide by the minimum standard of civility we expect of our elected officials.

Currently such candidates get to use all of our services for free. If you're interested in learning more, please fill out a candidate application or email us.

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