How Good Party Works - Why do you tag #goodparty on Tuesdays?

Why do you tag #goodparty on Tuesdays?

Why do we #goodparty on Tuesdays? Because It doesn't want us to!

It wants us divided and hopeless. And It says we have to wait until the weekend to be together, to have fun, to be human. ❤️

It is the money that corrupts our government and elected officials. And It tells us that our elections have to be a choice between two evils (i.e. Republican and Democrat career politicians). 👎

But as more of us tag and post about a #goodparty, we grow our GOOD movement. And as we grow, we can show the power of our movement by voting It out, and voting in Good Certified candidates. 💪

Oh, and elections happen on Tuesdays. They won't see us coming. 😉

So first we get into the practice of exercising our right to assemble online, and then we flex our power to vote IRL; so we can celebrate with a #goodparty (Tuesday) on Election Night! 🎉