The #goodparty Manifesto

for the love of us over It!

What is It?
  • It is the system that tears away our hopes.
  • It is the money that corrupts our government.
  • It is the media that degrades our minds.
  • It is the doom loop that darkens our souls.
  • It is Moloch, the dark force of downward spirals.
  • It is what wants us divided and hopeless.

Don’t let It define us!
  • It doesn’t live.
  • It doesn’t love.
  • It has no friends.
  • It has no family.
  • It has no dreams.
  • It has no consciousness.

Let's do it, to It! (with a #goodparty)
  • We party to have fun.
  • We party to get together with friends.
  • We party to lighten our minds.
  • We party to brighten our souls.
  • We party to lift each other up.
  • We party to be human.

Humans need community. A #goodparty is the simplest form of community. When we get together for a #goodparty, we’re exercising our basic right of assembly in the most fun and human way possible. A #goodparty is our fundamental right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. At a #goodparty, we eat, we drink, we dance. We laugh, we love, we talk. We share our ideas, our values and our culture. We create a space for all to feel good, welcome and empowered. At a #goodparty together, we find that we are all we really need. And, we find that we have more in common among us than It wants us to believe.

Most importantly, in a democracy, when enough of us come together we gain real power, because we can coordinate together and inspire each other. We can create hope. We realize that if we can party together, then we can unite together to do much more. Soon, because time flies when we’re having fun, we’ll notice that we have enough #goodparty people to vote It out, and the good among us, in!

It’s time to get this #goodparty started!

So what’s next?