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We're building a movement and free tech to end America's two-party political dysfunction and create a truly representative democracy. Discover candidates, volunteer, or run for office to join the movement.

For Voters

Join our movement for a brighter political future. You'll join a community of independent-minded people helping to elect a new generation of real people running winning campaigns on good ideas.

For Candidates

Imagined running for office but not into Republicans or Democrats? We can help! Get access to free campaign tools and our team’s years of expertise to start or level up your candidacy.


What is Good Party?

Good Party is not a political party. We're a group of full-time and volunteer technologists, politicos, content creators, and concerned citizens working together to empower alternatives to Democrats and Republicans.

Who are Good Party candidates?

All Good Party Certified candidates take the Good Party Pledge. This means that they are all independent or third-party, take a majority of their funds from real people not corporate interests, and run on ideas that serve the people, planet, peace, and prosperity.

Meet the Team behind Good Party

Good Party's core team are the people working full-time, part-time, or as dedicated volunteers on a mission to make people matter more than money in our democracy.

Volunteer & Get Involved

If you agree that a functioning democracy that serves people, not money, is the problem that must be solved, please consider joining us!
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