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We're not a political party – we're building a movement and free tech to end America's two-party political dysfunction

Learn how you can plug in to inspiring independent campaigns or get access to our free tools for people-powered candidates

3 out of 4
Americans want more 
choices in politics
of Gen Z and Millennials 
identify as an independent 
GP is a movement bringing together
voters and exciting independent candidates that can win

How works

Make independent candidates viable
Our free AI tools for campaigns, candidate recruitment, and team of experts are building up more competitive independent candidates across the country
Mobilize volunteers to support winning campaigns
We make it easy for voters to find exciting candidates both on their ballots and across the country! Plug into grassroots campaigns with our volunteer programs
Make America a truly representative democracy
More viable independent options means less money in politics, less corruption, and more time focusing on the issues that matter most
Free tools + experts power winning campaigns
Independent candidates get free access to our team with 50+ years of campaign experience and our latest AI tools that keep your campaign on track

My takeaway was “I could probably shake that many hands!” it's within reach, I could represent my community, my neighborhood. It's not a moonshot.

- Peter H. - Independent

Social Impact Consultant Academy Graduate

Peter H. - Independent

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