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About Good Party

Good Party is not a political party. We're building tools to change the rules and a movement of people to disrupt the corrupt!

We're building a movement and free tech to end America's two-party political dysfunction and create a truly representative democracy. Discover candidates, volunteer, or run for office to join the movement.


For candidates

Imagined running for office but not into Republicans or Democrats? We can help! Get access to free campaign tools and our team's expertise to start or level-up your candidacy.

For Voters

Join the movement to change politics for good! Discover independent and third-party candidates who align with your values and are committed to fighting for the issues that matter to you, not corporate and special interest groups.

Who is Good Party?

Good Party is a group of independent-minded citizens, technologists, creators and organizers on a mission to make people matter more than money in our democracy. We are self-funded, putting our own time and money to this important cause, and stay independent of any political parties or associations. Meet our team here.

Why Good Party?

Our democracy has been corrupted by a two-party system that serves moneyed interests. It leaves people apathetic, or having to choose between the lesser of two evils, neither of which truly serve them. So, important issues continue to go unaddressed—for decades!

Whether you're concerned about the climate, privacy, inequality, or our individual freedoms, all are hampered by the dark doom-loop of dysfunctional partisan politics.

It's no wonder that a majority of eligible voters (over 130M Americans), including more than half of Millennials and Gen Z, say that neither Republicans, nor Democrats represent them. It's time to declare independence from the corrupt two-party system.
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