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The Mission

The movement and tools to disrupt the corrupt two-party system


Money shouldn’t control politics.
People Should.

The American two-party system has been overrun by big money. Over $20 billion will be spent on campaign contributions in 2024. 70% of these funds will come from special interests, corporations, and dark money.

The results of this are inevitable:


of Americans approve of Congress


voters either vote for the lesser of two evils or don’t vote at all

Our solution:

Empower real people to run effective campaigns without dark money, and outside the two-party system. By making it possible to run a viable campaign without these corrupting influences, Americans will see truly representative democracy.

We’re not
a political party. is not a political party. We provide the structure, grassroots support, and tools to make it possible to run a winning campaign without the baggage and habits of the two major parties. We’re organizing the 135 million of us without a political home to reject big money in politics and support candidates pledging to serve their community, not big money interests.

Included in our movement

Forward PartyForward Party
Alliance PartyAlliance Party
Libertarian PartyLibertarian Party
Green PartyGreen Party
Reform PartyReform Party
Working Families PartyWorking Families Party

Hope with a
credible plan

Why we’re focusing on building the independent movement with local elections in 2024


of Americans with
neither party


of elections are at the local level


of local elections are

How we create change

Viable Candidate

Viable candidates recruits, trains, and equips candidates with free and low-cost tools that currently only independently wealthy or partisan candidates have access to. This empowers real people to run efficient, effective, and, above all, viable campaigns.

Winning Campaigns

Winning campaigns

We organize volunteer support for candidates in our volunteer community. By joining passionate and driven volunteers with promising candidates nationwide, we set the foundation for victory.

Local Results

Local results

By building up independent, people-powered, and anti-corruptions around the country, we’re building the bench of quality candidates ready to serve the people in higher office.

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