What does Good Party do?

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First (and most importantly) we are NOT a political party. We are a digital grassroots movement for political change.  

Our goal is to get money out of politics and allow indie candidates to run and win! 

We do this by building free and open-source technology that allows good people to run crowd-voting campaigns and win! Just like GoFundMe or change.org, but for politics!  

We empower people to join together, vote different and make a BIG impact.

How Crowd Voting Works:

We provide a platform for you to meet indie grassroots candidates and for good candidates to run free campaigns. No more big dollar donations necessary.
You can make a difference in getting good candidates elected, by simply clicking “endorse” and sharing with your friends. We will never ask you for a donation.
With your help, our free and open technology is diversifying the political landscape in the U.S., by allowing good indie candidates to run and win elections without relying on big donations.
Finally, we have a way to get money out of politics and have our voices heard!

Featured campaigns

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