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Choose A New Path Forward

About the candidate

I'm the Libertarian Party candidate for Nevada Governor in 2022 and am proud to be the voice for the 37% of Nevada registered voters who aren't registered GOP/DEM. I am actively campaigning to break down the two-party duopoly in Nevada, educating Nevadans, and creating alliances. I support election reforms like Ranked Choice Voting and open primaries, and I believe that our political system is fairer when more diverse voices have a seat at the table. Currently the major two parties have a monopoly on elections, polling, and the media. It has to end. 

I believe fiscal responsibility, low taxes, and economic innovation are key to a thriving state. I’m firm on individual choice and protecting our rights, and will fight with everything I have to fix our failing education system. As a business owner, a taxpayer, and a father I’m appalled by how our current governor handled the last 3.5 years at the head of our state. If you’re like me, and tired of red team vs blue team and ready for a real change for Nevada... vote Brandon Davis for Governor in November and choose a new path forward.

Top Issues

Free Markets
Allow markets to operate freely. Government barriers and interference restrict economic growth.
Taxation Is Theft
Reduce spending, reduce government waste, and work to reduce (or repeal) existing taxes.
School Choice
Fund students instead of systems. I support ESA, Vouchers, Charters, Microschools, and other innovative ways to have a more competitive educational marketplace.
Pro Choice
I'll always support and fight for a woman's right to choose.
Affordable Housing
Remove draconian zoning laws and government initiated barriers to development to allow more supply of housing, thus reducing prices.
Small Businesses First
Remove government burdens on businesses to foster growth and reform occupational licensing to allow more small business startups.
Abolish Death Penalty
Abolish the death penalty.
End Qualified Immunity
We need more accountability in our law enforcement system. I support ending qualified immunity and civil asset forfeiture. We must close the gaps and root out the bad actors, and allow our good cops to protect our communities.
Path To Citizenship
I believe in making it as streamlined as possible to become an American citizen.
Ranked Choice Voting
I support Ranked Choice Voting and Open Primaries.
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