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Daniel Wilson

No Party Preference Party Candidate
for State Assembly
Good Certified
May 10, 2022
Made it On the Ballot
February 9, 2022
Early Voting Begins
May 10, 2022
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52.9K 🎉
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7 endorsements so far.
At 10 endorsements, this campaign is starting to pick up some steam!
Election Night
June 7, 2022

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📣 Fighting for Better, for All of Us!

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Campaign Summary

I chose to run for office with No Party Preference for California’s 38th Assembly District so that there will never be a party, corporate, or any other special interest standing between me and the needs of my constituents.
Top Issues

Fighting for AB-1400, Guaranteed Healthcare for All Californians. Healthcare is a human right and should not be tied to employment nor exploited for profits.

We do not need to build more! We have vacant rentals, buildings that can be converted, and plenty of the homes in our community have been priced out of our ability to afford them by real estate speculators and hedge fund brokers.
Energy & Climate

We need a Green New Deal for California, a plan that puts our people back to work in a way that revitalizes our devastated environment, not that exacerbates it. We need to reseed our marshland, plant more trees, end our reliance on fossil fuels, and invest in desalination and seaweed farming!

No human being is illegal. We here in California recognize more than most states that no somos nada sin los inmigrantes! We are nothing without immigrants, and if our federal government won't recognize that fact - we can do so here in California by investing in expungement and citizenship resources.

Every year the cost of food, gas, utilities, and especially rent climbs ever higher while working-class wages stay stagnant. We are done struggling to survive and we are no longer seeking permission to thrive - we WILL pass a living wage in the state of California that is tied to the cost of living!

Featured Endorsements

Health Care for All - Los Angeles
“Daniel is a person of courage and integrity and an unwavering champion for single-payer healthcare. Daniel's corporate-free campaign and nonpartisan status ensure that he will not be beholden to big-money interests or political parties, leaving him free to truly serve the will of the people.”
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