Meet the Candidate

Feena Bonoan

Libertarian Party Candidate
for US Senate (HI)
Good Certified
June 29, 2021
Votes Needed
To Win
🗳 6.2K
Likely Voters
3K 🎉
needed to win
11 endorsements so far.
At 25 endorsements, this campaign is more than just neighbors and friends!
Made it On the Ballot
June 7, 2022
Early Voting Begins
October 21, 2022
Election Night
November 8, 2022

Latest People Endorsing

feena B.
endorsed 19 days ago
endorsed 1 month ago
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Campaign Summary

Welcome to the crowd-voting campaign encouraging Feena Bonoan to continue the fight and run again for the US Senate in Hawaii!

The establishment politicians want 3rd party competitors like Feena to just fade away. But for the first time ever, it's possible to build a truly people-powered movement for Hawaii. With endorsements from everyday Hawaiians we can now build on the 6,172 supporters from Feena's prior run by endorsing and sharing this campaign.

The people of Hawaii have faced tyranny from career politicians for far too long. Feena Bonoan has proven she isn't afraid to take on the politicians and give power back to the people. Hawaii can be transformed into a state that truly respects the rights of each person. Smash the endorse button and let's not only get Feena Bonoan into the race, but finish the job of getting a real representative of the people!  

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Candidate Q&A with Feena

The Honolulu Civil Beat conducted an interview with Feena Bonoan during her run for State Senate in 2020. 

2 years ago
Feena Bonoan discusses her libertarian roots

Feena Bonoan talked about the appeal of libertarianism. 

2 years ago
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