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for Governor of Minnesota

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Jury Democracy

About the candidate

Primarily to promote Jury Democracy. I have four core positions: +Jury Democracy, +Opposition to COVID Lockdowns, +Governing with the goal of Happiness rather than GDP, and +Protecting the Environment Jury Democracy is my own original proposal that we have 500 or more randomly selected registered voters come to the state capitol to serve as a jury for each bill, listen to the arguments and evidence from all sides on that bill for and against the bill, be given time to read the bill, break into smaller groups to discuss it and deliberate, and then vote by secret ballot. 500 or more citizens is a statistically valid sample of all voters. I would require that all bills to become law have to pass a citizen jury like this. In this way, decisions of government will be made by reason and evidence, not by money and influence, every proposal will get a hearing, all sides will get to introduce their ideas and give their evidence and arguments, and all of us will participate and have equal power, regardless of income or race or other factors. It will unite us and calm our divisions because when you deliberate with other jury members you will find that you like each other and agree a lot more than the media suggests. And civil discourse will be much more effective in swaying votes in the jury than screaming insults at everyone who disagrees with you.

Top Issues

No Mandates
The lockdowns have had no apparent effect on COVID deaths but threw 1 in 5 Americans into major depression and killed more people in increased deaths of despair than they saved in prevented COVID deaths.
Carbon Zero Now
I propose to devote 50% of all land in each habitat to the exclusive use of other species.
Prosecute Police Abuse
The issue is not more or less police. We probably need more police. But mostly we need better police. I propose to simply amend state law to give police chiefs authority to fire and discipline any officer they wish. Fire the bad cops and pretty soon there aren't many.
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