Ryan Van-Gundy


Libertarian Party Candidate
for State Board of Education At Large

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Top Issues

Flat Tax
All though taxation is theft as it is now. There are things the government is required to provide for the citizens and the easiest way to pay for that is through a locked in flat tax. We should incorporate Negative Income Tax (NIT) as well to stop taxing people into poverty.
Market-driven healthcare
We have universal Healthcare in the US already. What we need is affordable Healthcare. The best way to provide that is to get the Government out of the way role back burdensome regulations and allow the market (consumers/providers) to steer the cost.
School Choice
The best way to fix our failing education system is to get the government out of the way and put teachers and parents back in charge. School of choice creates competition between schools and will create higher quality education. However there are those who truly do not have a choice in where they are educated and they cannot be left out. Which is why we need an education system that is geared towards the 21st Century STEAM would be my goal. This focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Athletics, and Math. Privatizing public education would also go a long way to cut cost and increase education output.
Support Renewables
Climate change is not an easy thing to combat. But with a robust energy system we can make huge strides in combating it. We need an energy system that uses wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and yes fossil fuels as well. It would also be greatly beneficial to utilize the environment, hemp, bamboo, algae, regenerative agriculture. Before any of that can take place we need to get the government out of the way. Harmful regulations and government red tape hinders progress, and we will get no where as long as we are bogged down with non-biodegradable red tape. There is also a place for goal centric carbon taxation. Where you set a standard and once you achieve that standard you no longer pay the tax. For example, business pays a carbon tax until they lower their emissions to 15% that's great for the environment and the company. Climate change may not be totally man made but there is no harm in changing just stop these one size fits all approaches.
Privatize Social Security
SS is unstainable if it ever truly was. In fact its the greatest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world. The government doesn't know how to manage our money, so privatizing it would allow people who actually know what they are doing to manage this program. They are trained to manage money, so a company like Fidelity can do way more for retirement than and government central planner. But if the government isn't willing to change this failed program then we need to be able to opt. Its actually not considered a tax but a contribution I should be able to choose not to contribute and not participate.
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