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Tania Solé

Green Party Candidate
for CA State Assembly D21
Good Certified
April 20, 2022
Made it On the Ballot
March 11, 2022
Early Voting Begins
May 9, 2022
Votes Needed
To Win
🗳 29.9K
Likely Voters
24.7K 🎉
needed to win
19 endorsements so far.
At 25 endorsements, this campaign is more than just neighbors and friends!
Election Night
June 7, 2022

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Velvett T.
endorsed 3 days ago
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Campaign Summary

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Experience and Perspective

Tania Sole has called District 21 home for over 30 years , raising her two children here and now going to local Redwood City parks with her grandchildren.

She's an environmental entrepreneur, a face for Bay Area values and a voice for the issues facing California!

Her priorities are sustainability, healthcare and real affordable housing.

We need experience, perspective and leadership to make the changes our community needs.  Vote Tania Sole June 2022!

Top Issues

Medicare for all
Energy & Climate


SB 9 & SB 10 do not include affordable housing
Electoral Reform

Ranked Choice Voting


Featured Endorsements

Peace & Freedom Party
Peace & Freedom Party - Tania Sole is running as a Green candidate in California’s 21st Assembly District, located in San Mateo County. Born in New York to a Guatemalan father & a mother who was a daughter of German Jewish refugees, Ms Sole's main campaign issues are housing, water & healthcare.
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Laura Wells, Candidate for State Controller; Mohammad Arif, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor; Kevin Akin, California State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party and more....
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Orange Skies, Wildfires, Climate Change, SB9 & 10
Orange Skies, Wildfires, Climate Change and SB 9 and SB 10 Encouraging density when wildfires and climate change are only increasing is a fool's errand and likely to make matters worse!
1 week ago
Ad Clip - STOP Build Build Build - Vote Tania Sole
Watch and share the video!
1 week ago
Importance of voting: primaries & general election
What the people who don't vote in a primary but do vote in the general election in November miss is the fact that some of the issues that are critical to them may have representation in a primary but by the time the top two vote getters are selected for November, that may no longer be the case.
2 weeks ago
Sample Ballot & Official Voter Information Pamphle
My candidate statement! Read it and don't forget to vote!
2 weeks ago
Watch the Campaign Forum for District 21
3 weeks ago
Campaign Finance in California Assembly D21 Names,
I am running for CA State Assembly D21 on a platform of sustainability in air, water, healthcare and housing. However, getting the message out as a third-party candidate is a challenge. As noted by money has corrupted both major parties, but the reality is that without money getting the message
3 weeks ago
Dear Mark Zuckerberg, Yes, You the CEO of Meta, Fa Dear Mark Zuckerberg, I know you feel like you have been responsive to government pressure and put in proper controls regarding advertising especially political advertising; but from my end a non-incumbent candidate for California's Assembly D21 it doesn't feel like that at all. .....
4 weeks ago
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