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JJ Campbell

JJ Campbell


Durham, NC

Running For

City Council



"Vote JJ because people are more important."


Ranked Choice Voting

I started running for office because I was tired of political theater getting in the way of progress. Topics like LGBTQ+, abortion, and book banning all fall away when the people are listened to. The significant majority of people want others to be happy and free from unnecessary government control. One of the easiest ways to protect our democracy is to immediately implement Ranked Choice Voting so that we can stop focusing on tribal issues and focus on building our communities, educating our kids, improving infrastructure, and making a better world.

Enhancing bike lanes

My wife bikes to work almost every day no matter the weather. This is wonderful! We love that this is an option. Unfortunately the bike lanes, park trails, and safe routes are not contiguous and that means that she has to pass through places that aren't safe. We need to connect our bike access routes to make our city a more pleasant place to live and commute to make us more attractive to businesses in a world getting tired of cars.

Promoting equitable distribution of infrastructure investments

I live in North Durham. We sometimes feel a bit like Cinderella, expected to provide the necessary but less pleasant work without being allowed to go to the ball. It is time to put more into developing, redeveloping, and revitalizing these older parts of town.

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About me

Hello! My name is JJ Campbell and I am running for City Council in Durham as an Independent. I have a diverse background, and I am not a politician. From being a retired geophysicist and a house father to helping start non-profits and even training dolphins I've worn a lot of hats and done a lot of good. I am passionate about Ranked Choice Voting, as it can eliminate divisive issues and allow us to focus on important matters such as building our communities and improving infrastructure. I care about enhancing bike lanes to make our city safer, promoting equitable distribution of infrastructure investments to revitalize neglected areas and help all our citizens, increasing affordable housing options to ensure everyone can thrive in our community, and protecting our natural spaces for our children and grand children. I believe in listening to the people and working towards creating a better city where happiness, freedom, and growth are priorities over unnecessary government control. Together, we can make Durham a more inclusive and prosperous place to live. Thank you for your support!

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Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

JJ Campbell for Durham City Council

Because People Are More Important

Hi, my name is JJ Campbell, and I'm running for Durham City Council. A little while ago I was playing the "why?" game with my daughter and we ended up at "Because People Are More Important." I'm running because it seems that our leaders keep forgetting that. I didn't grow up here, but I want my daughter to. If we can keep in mind the idea that "people are more important" in all of our policy decisions I think that Durham can become the most desirable place in all of North Carolina to live and have a family, and I mean the most desirable for everybody, not just the privileged.

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Current Occupation

House Father
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Past Experience

I am a retired geophysicist. I have been an at home dad since shortly after my wife's maternity leave ran out. Before that I also helped start 2 non-profits, one of which put me in Ghana designing playgrounds that generate electricity. I interned as a dolphin trainer in Hawaii. I was a volunteer instructor on the Tall Ship Elissa (the world's 3rd oldest ship that still regularly sails). I am an Eagle Scout and former Scoutmaster. I am also an active member of my PTA.
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Fun Fact

I flew in zero gravity on NASA's "Weightless Wonder" as part of a team researching laser particle levitation. In other words, I helped build a tractor beam.
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