Good Party User Agreement - What do Good Party Certified candidates agree to?

Candidates who agree to Good Party's user agreement pledge commit to the following core values:

  • Independent: They are independent, non-partisan or third-party candidates and committed to the interests of the people above themselves and partisan politics.

    • Good Party certified candidates are not running as Republicans or Democrats in partisan elections. They are people from across the political spectrum, dedicated to advancing the priorities of their constituents.

    • They pledge they will NOT pay membership dues or otherwise engage in fundraising for either of the two major political party committees while in office, and will work with all sides to the benefit of their constituents. 

  • People-Powered: They focus on solving the problems facing their community not serving themselves and special interests. They disclose donors and ensure that most of their funding comes from real people - not corporations, unions, and other special interests.

    • Good Party Certified candidates run grass-roots campaigns that depend on being connected to and promoted by the people that they’ll be serving.

    • They pledge that the majority of their financial support will come from living people and individual donors, NOT from big-money and special interests of corporations, unions, political action committees, or other non-living entities.

  • Anti-Corruption: They are open, accountable, and transparent about their positions and progress on issues. This means staying connected to, informed by, and responsive to their constituents using the best tools available.

    • When in office, they pledge to serve with the highest levels of integrity and honesty and to report and disclose within 48 hours to appropriate authorities (constituents, law enforcement, etc.) any attempts to influence them unfairly. 

    • They pledge that, if elected, they will always work to champion or support anti-corruption policies that enable more competition, better choices in elections, (e.g. RCV, Open Primaries, Final Five Voting, Gerrymandering reforms); and true transparency and accountability in government (e.g. dark money, lobbying, revolving door).

    • They will advocate for ideas that focus on serving the people, planet, peace, and prosperity.

  • Civility: They agree to run a civil campaign focused on listening to citizens, learning about important issues and demonstrating their ability to serve not mudslinging with opponents.

    • Good Certified candidates agree to abide by minimum standard of civility.

    • Acknowledge Good Party maintains the right to withdraw to remove users from the platform and withdraw its Good Party certification and endorsement if users engage in conduct that violates these terms of service.