Voting Stats & Projections

These are Good Party’s best estimates for key voting stats and current projections related to this campaign. Our goal is to give everyone transparency into the progress and viability of each grassroots campaign on Good Party. That way, you don't have to accept the narrative that a third party is always a wasted vote. You can head to the polls with all the information you need to make an informed vote.

Key terms:

  • Votes Needed to win: We calculate this number based on a number of factors, including the number of votes cast for Indies in previous elections, how many votes were needed to win, projected voter turnout in this election and the number of candidates running in the race.

  • Likely Voters so far: This is the number of voters we estimate would vote for this candidate if the election was held today. Multiple factors contribute to this estimate, including voting data from previous elections, polling for the upcoming election, followers, buzz and media coverage around the campaign, and direct voter intent expressed through our platform. That said, we tend to be conservative with our estimates so that we don't give false hope.

  • Unrepresented Voters in race: This is the total number of potential voters who might vote for an indie or third party candidate because they don't feel Republicans and Democrats are actually worthy of their vote. We calculate the Total Number of Unregistered people, Registered non-voters and the approximately 30% of Voters in the prior election who are choosing between the "Lesser of Two Evils."

We update our stats as frequently as possible to always provide the best and latest information to people tracking campaigns. You should endorse or follow a campaign to get updates as progress is made.