What is the problem Good Party is solving?

The two major parties (Republicans and Democrats) have become totally corrupted and are almost deliberately ineffective. They no longer work to solve many of the issues facing people. Instead, they make false promises to get elected and then focus is on maintaining power, which means doing what big money and special interests want them to do. That's it.

Then, they get reelected as career politicians by being increasingly partisan, dividing America into two fighting factions, and manipulating the rules to eliminate competition for themselves.

As a result, each election cycle a clear majority of Americans—130M, out of 230M eligible voters— many of them younger voters, either don't bother to vote or are forced to choose between the 'lesser of two evils.'

Further, with more than 50% of American voters being digital natives by 2024, the technology used for democracy need to be modernized, so that the majority of voters can engage in democracy with the same kind of simple, powerful tools they use for shopping, socializing or banking.

Good Party is building those exact tools to change the rules! So, people not happy with red and blue can coordinate together, mobilize and disrupt the corrupt.

The key will be giving independent candidates, a way to compete and win elections against the two-party Duopoly candidates, busting the myth that voting for an Independent or 3rd party candidate is a "wasted vote."

Our free, crowd-voting tools and social tech will help Good Certified candidates run viral campaigns that spread organically, without having to raise big money from special interests, or cave to partisan pressure. So, when they win, they can focus on serving the people, instead of their donors or duopoly bosses.